How To Survive a Bad Professor

How To Survive a Bad Professor
How To Survive a Bad Professor

When the school year ends, and you’re looking for your next course, there’s always one question on your mind: how will this professor compare to the last one? Will she be too dull, too easy, or too hard? With these three extremes in mind, it’s crucial to find a professor that is just right – someone who challenges you without making you feel like it’s impossible.

We all know that one professor who is just downright terrible. The one whose class is always a struggle and who makes you want to give up on your education altogether. If you’re unlucky enough to have one of these professors, don’t worry – there are ways to survive them.


How To Survive a Bad Professor


What are your options for bad professors?

Every day, students are faced with whether or not to stay after class for help from their professor. Of course, there are many options for professors of different character and skill-level, but what if that professor is just downright awful? Unfortunately, when you think about it, there isn’t much that you can do to change the outcome of a less than stellar professor.


How to Identify the bad professor

Professors are an essential component of any college experience. They teach, advise, and inspire students to reach for the stars. But what if they don’t? What if your professor is more diminutive than equipped to handle the rigour of teaching their course? It’s no secret that some professors are just not cut out for teaching or even holding a job at all. With this piece, we’ll discuss how to survive a bad professor.


Get a schedule from the professor ASAP.

The most important thing to do is get a schedule from the professor ASAP, so you know when your first class is. If you have a terrible professor, there are some tips on surviving. First, know the syllabus well so you can study for their exams. Second, go to office hours and ask questions. Finally, think of it as your first day at school all over again.


Consider dropping the course if the professor is always late.

If your professor is always tardy for classes, you may want to think about dropping the course. The problems with this are that you are unlikely to get a refund, and it can be time-consuming to go through the process of dropping a course. In addition, this is not necessarily the response you would expect to hear from someone at the Office of Student Affairs.


Consider dropping the course if you can’t find a TA.

When you find yourself stuck in a class with a lousy professor, the first thing to do is see a teaching assistant or professor you can contact for additional help. If the professor has not been responsive to your emails, try getting a teaching assistant. The teaching assistants are often graduate students that have been trained in the subject area and are more than willing to help their fellow students succeed in the course.


How to survive a bad professor

  1. Attend class. While this may seem obvious, it’s not always so easy when you have a professor who is difficult to understand and talks too quickly.
  2. Take notes or use outlines in your notes if the class is too overwhelming. This will help you stay on top of what you’re learning and quiz yourself when studying for an exam.


Is it your professor fair?

One of the most important things students should consider before starting college is their professors. What type of person will they be dealing with every day? Is the professor only teaching for the money, or do they genuinely care about their students? In addition, students should consider that not all professors are created equal. Some may be fair, while others may try to get out of teaching by giving you busy work and calling it a day.


What type of class is it?

The one thing that can make or break a semester is your professor. There are many reasons a professor is awful, from never teaching to poor teaching skills, but the most common sense is that they don’t care about their students. With that being said, it’s not uncommon for a student to have a Professor who seems to go out of their way to make life miserable.


How do you survive a bad professor?

The first sentence should include the author’s perspective of what defines a “bad professor”: A lousy professor does not know how to teach.

Teaching can be defined as the act of explaining, imparting knowledge to, or otherwise instructing students. For example, a good professor will have their students learn new material by giving verbal explanations, asking questions, and giving feedback on assignments.