Jobs Lost In Canada Due to Coronavirus By Province So Far

How To Start Your Own Business In Canada
How To Start Your Own Business In Canada

Canada’s economy lost 1 million jobs in Canada due to Coronavirus (COVID 19) so far,  next months it might reach 2 million jobs lost compared to the 2008/2009 Global Recession, which was only 128,000 jobs were lost in Canada.

The Service industry has been hardest hit, the impact effect every corner of the country, Restaurants are empty, small businesses shut down and hotels without guests, Shopping Centre cleared out the lists go on. More than any other sector, the services industry has been decimated by COVID 19. The pandemic of the million jobs lost 963,500 were in the services industries, retail, wholesale, Full-time/ Part-time.

The unemployment rate for Canada jumped 2.2 Percent of the largest one-month increase in record. Unprecedented job loss but jobs not lost forever

The previous high lost jobs were 125,000 in the historic recession of 2009. The difference in magnitude is stunning. The unemployment jolt was felt across Canada

RegionsNumber of Jobs Lost March 2020
British Columbia132,400
Manitoba 25,300
Ontario 402,800
Quebec 264,000
New Brunswick 15,200
Nova Scotia24,800
Newfoundland 5,800

Data was updated: 04/10/2020 Source: | Global News

No Region was spared in the hard-hit service sector across Canada. Some groups are disproportionately affected women, young workers, and vulnerable workers in low-paying jobs. The numbers only reflect the beginning of the pandemic a month from 1 million job losses could be 2 million.

Yet, it would be worse, but for the stimulus from Ottawa and other government emergency benefits to millions of Canadians.