Jobs With Highest Wages in Canada 2021

Jobs With Highest Wages in Canada 2021
Jobs With Highest Wages in Canada 2021

According to Statistics Canada, the average weekly wage in Canada is $952, which equates to a little under $50,000 per year. However, the majority of the jobs on our list of high-paying jobs pay at least three times that.

Given the importance of compensation in the ranking, it’s no wonder that some of Canada’s Jobs With Highest Wages in Canada 2021 are also among the top ten. However, it is not the only element to consider.

It’s tough to define a “best job” because it typically depends on your individual interests, abilities, and priorities. However, if you evaluate jobs based on average pay, job growth, and prospects, you may develop a list of fantastic opportunities.


Jobs With Highest Wages in Canada 2021


1.Physician/Doctor – $150,000 /year

Physicians help patients in a variety of ways, from treating chronic conditions to offering preventative healthcare advice.


2. Lawyer – $135,000/year

Lawyers, sometimes known as attorneys or counsellors, are licensed by the state in which they operate to provide legal advice and representation to clients on various issues, including human rights.


3. Utility Manager – $114,000 /year

Managers of utilities work for public and private utilities, as well as heating fuel distribution firms. This means overseeing the development of said programs.


4. Public Administration Director – $110,000 /year

Large branches of government are overseen by public administration directors, who ensure that policies and plans are carried out.


5. Engineering Manager – $106,000 /year

An engineering manager is in charge of making sure that critical projects and engineering responsibilities are completed. Answering technical queries is one of an engineering manager’s primary responsibilities.


6. Scientific Research Manager – $102,000 /year

Scientific research managers are often in charge of research tasks and manage scientific experiments and analyze their outcomes.


7. Power Systems Electrician – $86,000 /year

The electrical power generating, transmission, and distribution system equipment and apparatus are installed, maintained, tested, and repaired by power system electricians.


8. Construction Manager – $83,000 /year

Your responsibilities as a Construction Manager may include planning, organizing, controlling, and evaluating construction projects from start to end. First, make a budget, and then keep track of your spending. Building schedules should be planned and prepared.


9. Pipefitting Supervisor – $81,000 /year

A pipefitting supervisor oversees the heating, oil, and water systems that operate not only in your home but also in huge industrial and commercial buildings.


10. Miner/Oil and Gas Driller – $77,250 /year

Under the supervision of the rig manager, oil and gas well drillers and well servicers operate drilling and hoisting equipment on drilling and service rigs and direct the actions of the rig crew.