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University Magazine

University Magazine is created for Students by students to provide tips and advice that will drive current and future university and college students in Canada and worldwide. From school rankings to career advice, academic recommendations, student health, and Dating.

University Magazine is the only online Magazine student from campuses operating across Canada. Created for media project for alternative media & digital activism class at the University of Windsor, following that decided to invite other students to create content on the website and started to expand and attract the interest of other students across Canada and the United States

University magazine has over 100 student writers across Canada and developing daily in other countries because this platform gives students the tools and training they need to practice and create content with no limitations.

We always want to add a new face and content and provide all our writers with proper training and mentorship.

We are the Number source for students’ guides to surviving University and College, Canada magazine, College Magazine Canada, and University Magazine.

We are Canadian-owned and operated with offices in Edmonton; University Magazine was founded at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, By Anwar Abdi, and The site published its first articles On January 26, 2017,

The next plan is to expand to all Canadian campuses from East to West and North. We are constantly working hard to provide our team with the best opportunity on any given day because they take care of us, and we take care of them.

We create contents that rank Universities and Colleges in Medical, Career, Engineering, Money and investing, tips, advice, and much more. Visit Univesity Magazine to read out the latest content.

University Magazintois home source#1 sources for students of all  from the Middle, High School, University and Colleges and Jr. Colleges, Campus Magazine Canada, Ranking, Dating, Students, Majors,  Advice,