The least Generous Countries In The World 2018

donating Money to others
donating Money to others

Everyone loves giving back to those who are less fortunate but nowadays, the cost of living is so expensive people are no longer giving back to others as much did before. Based on our research, each country has to score above 50 to be considered the most generous country in the world,

Surprisingly the country you will see on this list are very wealthy nations, but they are not giving back to charity as they did a few years ago. Maybe it’s something to do with a baby boomer retiring. Their income drops so that they may not give back to charities; as they retire, the medical and cost of living expenses go up. The following countries are the least Generous Countries In The World in 2018.


The least Generous Countries In The World 2018


RankCountriesIndex Score
9Sierra Leone49
10United Kingdom 50

One of the most important aspects of life is giving back to those in need. However, not all countries do a great job at being charitable. In 2018, the World’s Least Generous Countries were determined by measuring how much cash each country donated as a percentage of its GDP.

The top three countries were Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All three have ranked among the top 10 for the past five years. The United States ranked twentieth on this list, donating just 0.27% of its GDP. The least generous country was Chad which donated just 0.

Some might argue that generosity is a virtue; evidently, few countries don’t agree. In this year’s edition of the Global Poverty Index, compiled by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the least generous countries were Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The index measures how people in each country experience poverty and related factors such as lack of education and health. Topping the list was Bhutan, with a score of 0.