Leicester Square: Guide to Late Night London

Leicester Square
Leicester Square at Night I Flickr

Much like it’s transatlantic counterpart, London is a city that never sleeps! When there’s so much to do, how could you? And sometimes when the city doesn’t sleep, then neither do you! If that’s the case, follow the lights to London’s Leicester Square and let your night and morning blur into one!

Late Night London
Bar Italia at Night | DesignMyNight.com

Bar Italia


Located right around the corner from Leicester Square on buzzing Frith Street, this iconic bistro closes only for 2 hours daily! Described by Google as a “celebrated cafe, popular with Italian football fans, post-club crowds, musicians and mods” it seems it really is a place for everyone!

The historic café was established in 1949 by Lou and Caterina Polledri, quickly becoming a social hub for the Italian community in London. Much of the original fixtures still remain! The red and white Formica and Gaggia espresso machine, as well as the flooring, throw way back to its retro beginnings!

Need a post-party pick me up before the trek home? Or are you just someone who fancies a light snack and coffee in the middle of the night? Then what better place is there to head, then into a bit of London history and a taste of Italy right in the heart of the English Capital!


Interior of the Hippodrome | Hippodrome Casino


The Hippodrome

Open 24hrs

Want a taste of the Bond, James Bond life? Then The Hippodrome is right for you! SO much more than a place of gambling, it’s huge and decadently decorated. With different levels, lounges, a theatre, Cabaret, food and drink it’s honestly a must whatever time of day! But sometimes, we want to dress up fancy head into the West End and lounge around roulette tables in the early hours, pretending we’re in a spy movie! The Hippodrome is indeed, a late night fantasy!

The casino has well and truly cemented itself as an icon, only a stone’s through from Leicester Square! It is the biggest and busiest casino in the UK and London’s most popular entertainment venue!

It’s free to enter, just bring along your proof of age and see what all the fuss is about!

Piccadilly Institute | TripAdvisor

Piccadilly Institute

Open until 3am

A place perhaps not as tame or as fancy as the other options, Piccadilly Institute has become known for its varied and extensive bars and seating areas, as well as dancefloors and music! There is truly a vibe for everyone, even if you’re just the kind to sit back and observe!

This late-night bar, off of the busy road, offers a choice of 6 eclectically themed rooms! Each room has it’s own cocktail list and you could easily get lost in this decoratively diverse building!

As the website states the Institute is the “craziest place to party” and with its “labyrinth of rooms to explore, you’ll find somewhere to suit every mood and occassion!”

Fiori Corner Cafe Bar at Leicester Square London | markbetonphotography.com

Fiori Corner

Open 7am-2am

Finally, the one for the foody in all of us! We never know when we’re going to get hungry and its especially risky if you’ve been out all night not to have provisions ready! Look no further than Leicester Square and Fiori Corner!

A cafe, coffee house and restaurant to boot, Fiori takes on an Italian and Lebanese slant to its menu! Serving, pizza, pasta, strong Italian coffee, continental breakfast and kebab, it truly has something for everyone!

Fiori Corner Says,

Originally known as Alpine in the early 1980s, Fiori Corner has evolved and grown into a place which caters for everyone at all times of the day in the heart of Leicester Square. A family run restaurant, coffee house and café serving a unique fusion of Italian and Lebanese cuisine in a prime location in central London. The unique blend of flavours on our dishes are as a consequence of the owner’s Italian and Middle Eastern background. We have worked very hard to enrich those flavours so that customers that are in the heart of London get a delicious meal at an affordable price. Our specialities include pizzas and pasta as well as our very popular Italian coffee, continental breakfasts, kebabs and sweet treats. TimeOut

There’s no need to starve until breakfast time in the West End, why not have yours at 1am instead and cure those midnight cravings!