How To Make The Best Progress From First To Second Year at University

University Building

First year is over for many of us. The daunting start of University has come to an end. Yet, as we enjoy the last month of our Summer holiday, we ask – Are we prepared for second year? Do you need to be prepared? What is it that I should do to get prepared?

This transition can feel just as big as beginning University itself. You’ve been back home to your family and friend’s, lived the lifestyle that we were so used to having that going back to University again in September feel’s worrying. For some people, like myself, I feel as if I’ve forgotten how to do ‘University.’ My mind-set has sort of vanished from my job and life back at home, that come 6 weeks time when we’ll be preparing to become independent adults again, will I be able to do it?

1st to 2nd year has the highest drop out rate for most universities. Not feeling prepared and as if you can carry on another year could be a reason for this drop out rate. It is important to keep motivated and know that at the end of your degree, this will all be worth it.


Being organised is not only one of the most important skills in life, but more importantly at University. Lectures, timetables, work load, social life, a job, seeing family, all of these things require prioritising and organisation. Write a list if you need to. Write a timetable of lectures and work so that you can fit in a social life too without it getting in the way. Speak to your job about reducing hours for University BEFORE you start. It is important to get things done way before the date is required, I know that is the most stereotypical things to say but it genuinely is, trust me.


It isn’t a bad idea to get ahead with work and readings. I’m not suggesting starting assignments and finishing Year 2 before it starting, but having a basic understanding of what you’ll be learning will act as a great base to build upon. Giving yourself a head start will make you stand out from the rest of the students but also be helpful when learning and doing the work by having this knowledge already


It’s still important to socialize. Meet new people, friend’s and family members. Uni can get quite lonely whilst you’re there, even when you’re surrounded by people. Keep your loved ones as close as you can. Don’t get to a point where your stress levels and University affects your life and mentality, your health is the most important thing, so give yourself that needed break from time to time.