How to Make the Most of Your Christmas Break

Christmas is an exciting time: food, rest, family! However, there are times when you can’t afford to relax the entire holiday. It’s hard to keep motivated over the Christmas break, it seems everyone is off having fun. But with deadlines, reading and studying, the priority still needs to be your work. So here are a few handy hints on how to make the most of your studies over Christmas break, while still making time for fun!

Get Up Earlier

Getting up earlier than you usually would, even an hour, gives you extra time to study without it eating into your day.

Additionally falling into a routine of early waking means that by the time everyone is starting their days you have already done a good load of work.

Hey, even if you don’t get dressed! Getting that reading you’ve put off for so long… Or editing that introduction is more than you would have done otherwise.

That being said, allow yourself those late nights!  Indulge in a lay-in every now and then. You’ve still got to enjoy yourself!

Plan Ahead

Putting aside at least 2 hours a day to study isn’t that much and you can keep your weekends for you!

Setting yourself weekly goals, even if they aren’t incredibly difficult means you have something to aspire to. When you complete them you will feel accomplished and not in any way guilty when you’re partying!

Once you’ve got into the habit it will feel natural and you might even enjoy the peace from family and friends!

Be Aware of Your Deadlines

And prioritise.

Don’t dither on things that need to be handed in in 3 months time. Get the work done you need to now!

You can worry about all the other stuff in the new year!

Do Your Research

If the idea of writing a thesis is stressing you out do some reading, build up your theory, watch documentaries! It’ll relax you for an evening and you’ll be working, therefore making the best of your time!

It’s hard to stay motivated when writing an essay over the holidays, so instead build up all of your knowledge. It will make essay writing far easier and you’ll get it done in no time at all!

Make Time to Have Fun

Yes, you have work to do. But it’s imperative you have fun as well and strike a balance over the Christmas break.

Whether that’s going to a market, meeting up with friends for cocoa and chat, attending a Christmas party… Having this leisure time will put you in the right mindset to carry on working the following day. You might even get a spark of inspiration in your downtime.

You don’t want to end up resenting your degree and everyone needs a timeout. So, enjoy your Christmas break as well as utilise it!