Makeup Necessities Over Summer

Makeup Necessities Over Summer
Makeup Necessities Over Summer

August already? The month of holidays, sunshine *fingers crossed, * and a time for memories to be made. This means more photo opportunities = our makeup needs to be perfected in the heat unless you’re rocking that incredible Summer natural glow – I’m all for both.

In this heat, makeup can be a problem. The sweaty upper lip, hay fever and sneezing cause your eyeliner and mascara to run, or the feeling of foundation being too heavy in the sun. However, if you’re a typical girl who still wants to apply some of the essential makeup favourites throughout the Summer, look no further.



It is so important to be able to prime your face before putting your makeup on. This creates an excellent base for your makeup to sit on while making your face moisturized and feel soft. In addition, by priming your face and eyes, your makeup has more chance of staying on the whole day by beginning with a base.


Lip Balm

Dry lips are a pain. Even though it is more common for your lips to become chapped in the Winter, the sun can dry out your lips too. Keeping a handy Vaseline in your handbag will become a life saviour to keep your lips nice and smooth.



After applying your foundation, set this layer onto your face better and reduce the look of that ‘sweaty upper lip or forehead,’ then use some light face powder over the foundation. This will create a coat of protection to keep your foundation in place and not have that awful feeling of your makeup dripping off your face. But, of course, no one want’s that.


Waterproof Eyeliner and Waterproof Mascara

Those who suffer from hayfever know how annoying this is. You’ve just perfected the winged eyeliner and fleeky lashes; go out during a lovely Summer’s day, and your eyes puff and water, ruining your makeup. We’ve all been in somewhat of a similar situation. So to avoid this from happening, purchase a waterproof eyeliner or mascara to keep looking good all day long.


Setting Spray

Finally, the necessary spray every girl need’s in their life—is a setting spray. Lock your makeup with a setting spray that isn’t too heavy or sticky during the hot season. A lightweight spray will cover your face and soak into your makeup to make you look good from day tonight.