Mark these steps to start your business!

Mark these steps to start your business!

To initiate any business, there is no doubt that your idea and audience for that matters. But what matters more after that are key tools you need to focus to escalate it to the right audience. Many people struggle with implementing them or we can say in figuring their next step. Here, in this article I will be sharing necessary steps every entrepreneur should take at a nascent stage of their plan and you can mark these steps to start business.


Digital platforms

Digital platforms

Think whatever idea you want to make a big hit, digital platforms are always necessary. They include everything that comes online, to which you give your name that is your website or/and mobile application. Just like malls, shops, offices etc digital platform is a place from where you can spread your information, sell your product and handle administrative online. With the introduction of smartphones, websites shifted to mobile-friendly home pages and more precisely to the mobile application that makes a person your regular customer. Building your website and mobile application is not alone enough. You need to go through terms such as SEO and ASO which respectively means Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimisation. The basic idea is to leverage your platform by providing it the higher ranking. This further depends upon Keywords, title and content which should be authenticated, unique and more likely to be searched by people. Organically, it becomes a good platform.


Social Media

social media

Majority of business is failing to take advantages of opportunities offered by social media. They are failing to engage their business and understand their similar product customers. Social Media is a great way to begin online marketing campaigns. You need social media in building brands, online presence and to stay connected with your customer. Facts tell us that 71% of consumers tend to make a purchase if they are connected with you on social media. This shows how productive these platforms can be.

If we talk about Twitter, there are 600 billion researches every day. Linkedin, which offers business and employment solution receives 12 million unique visitors per day. Not only these social media platform, all of such platforms help in fetching audience and growth if used properly. In short, we can say, that social media is a new way of thinking and marketing. For a good marketing strategy, your posts on these social corners should be interactive to the focused audience. We should keep in mind that posting a right, unique and attention gaining content and scheduling them on peak time are all important concerns.




For partnerships logic is simple, rather than reaching out to single persons just reach to people who have an audience. Yes, it’s just same as in the traditional method of reaching out to magazines and radios to spread your word. But now the most of the world around us is digitally active. So, we need to find good partners highly active on the digital platform. Sometimes it can be an exchange of an audience or it can be simple partnership work with one group who is paid for it by other. The best example of these is Instagram partnerships which famous bloggers or celebrities do. It can be also in form of referring about some other company in one company’s homepage or somewhere in content.


Video Streaming

Yes, you read that right! video streaming is one of the latest and can prove out to be an outstanding pillar to escalate your business. One such rare example for video marketing is Dollar Shave Club who choose humor to deliver service of reliability to an audience for their product. Not only this you can make lot of videos related to your product. Moreover, there are  different methods in video streaming. One of these is Live streaming, you can go live to highlight inauguration of any new opening or product, place, etc. this provides a live look and that’s what your follower or your audience want to see.  You can deliver your more organic and authentic message.

The other one is AR and VR that is Augmented Reality and Virtual reality respectively. This trend is already skyrocketing. It allows customers and viewers to enter into or add on things to their environment. These give a nice view of the thing he is looking for. It is used to serve the wide spectrum of online marketing purposes. Thirdly, I will talk about animated videos. 80% of adult populations consider them self to be visual learners. Animated videos easily explain complicated topics, products, services within a few minutes. These are many live businesses who are using it and doing great jobs!

All these above discussed steps are essentially important to everyone who want to start his own business startup. These may seem to be obvious but you can never neglect them. All these help a lot to leverage your business plan. I hope you will find it useful. 🙂