Top Marketing tools to uplift business online

top marketing tools
Marketing tools for online business

World has been changed and customers are uncontrolled. Everyone want to use such marketing tools which will fetch more customer and to establish greater market share. And for growth, we must have a good approach of its online marketing which can be possible with best marketing tools. So it’s a high time that we should change the old way of marketing. One of method for this is to choose online marketing tools which will simplify the whole process. So, in this article we will be talking about top marketing tools which can uplift your online business

Top Marketing Tools are enlisted below:

CRM (Zoho )

Managing customer relationship is always a major priority. CRM is a smart software for growing your business. It is a centralized environment which contains everything from your contacts, accounts and all other sales related documents. Thus, Increases productivity by offering easy collaboration. CRM is Set of unified platform services that easily get adapted to your ever-changing business needs by Helping in finding a smart solution before a problem actually knocks and keeps it customers happy.


One of key aspect for potential customer and attracting audience is a good graphic feed. But there is no need to worry if you are not a good designer. So to bridge the gap between your ideas and inefficiency to design we have many tools for this. Similarly,  Canva is online tool where a non-designer can design graphics as per requirement. We can say it is an easy way and a cool package for creating and modifying designs online. This software can also create presentation and poster.


Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of important tool if you want to do better in long run for your online venture. It allows you to track that from where traffic in coming at your website. It helps in Setting your goals and check how much you are making. Through this we can also know about bounce rate which refers to percentage of user who navigate away from your website after viewing only one page. We can know what people are doing on your website, at pages they are clicking, number of times they are clicking, kind of devices using like mobile or desktop, record of visits from social media accounts and their geographical information of visitors. So with the help of such information we can create content related to that and can prove out to be one of top marketing tools.


Here all the marketing tools are under one roof. Business that are looking for holistic approach can connect with it. Inbound marketing platform is designed to improve and promote content. Through this companies can manage social media, create optimized landing pages,control SEO campaigns and monitor email marketing.


With social media era blossoming, we all wish to get information about client all at once. And this can be accomplished by a Gmail. They have made a special tool called rapportive. This is a google plugin that helps in knowing about client. His interest, business, details and social media contact information. Through this we can increase our social media presence and connect with more people.


We all know that all social media platforms plays a vital role in providing platform to promote marketing and sales. But problem arises, when list of social media accounts increase and it becomes quite difficult to manage all of the posts in a regular interval of time. So, to ease it we have post scheduling tools for our various social media accounts. Buffer is one of them.


Bottom line

Not only these, we have plenty of tools available online for uplifting an online venture. Paid Advertisements and many more SaaS based marketing tools such as Trello, Segment, Keywordtool etc. that can change the whole story of your online platform. All you need to do is select the right one at right time for reaching out desired audience.