Make Monday The Best Day Of The Week

Monday is a word that inspires groans in most who come across it. But dreading Monday isn’t going to make it easier!

Instead, see it as a fresh start and a chance for new opportunities. It should be the most exciting day of the week because it’s the very beginning, so be determined to make it magnificent! And it’s not as hard as you might think, all it takes is a few adjustments and you can make it your favourite day of the week!

New week, new you

Forget new year, new you, Monday is the continual moment of the year where you get to restart and reinvent. Rather than resent it, we should embrace it!

Every Monday morning, when your alarm trills you awake,  take a moment to think about all your achievements from last week and the things you can improve on. Self-assessing motivates you for the tasks ahead. It sets you up for a really productive week. Make it a Monday morning ritual to keep on track is by recording everything in a planner: hopes, dreams, to-dos… all of it!

Fuel it right

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. To make your morning great, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast.

Everyone needs to look forward to something in the day and when you’re waking up early, you deserve a reward sooner rather than later!

Whether it’s picking up your favorite brekkie on the go or making it yourself, make sure its extra tasty, fresh and healthy!

Dress to impress

Make Monday special by dressing up! It’s so easy to fall into a panic, pull on your nearest clothes, after giving them a quick sniff to check they’re safe, brush your teeth and rush for the door. But self-care is so important and you’ll always feel better when you’ve indulged yourself a little in the morning. Take your time in the shower or wear your best perfume/cologne. Just make it special!

Not only will this encourage you to wake up a little earlier, but it’s something to look forward to every Monday morning. And if you have a particularly gruelling one approaching, treat yourself to a new outfit. If nothing else, at least you’ll be excited to debut it and hopefully, it will give you the positive start to the day we all need!

Make a weekend out of Monday

Okay, so maybe not a whole weekend out of it, but every Monday do one thing that you would usually reserve for the weekend.

Go on a date, treat yourself to a sit-down lunch with a friend on your break, or go see a movie. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun!

Doing this means you have something to look forward to and breaks up the week. If you do something fun every Monday evening, you’ll start to wish it was Monday sooner!