Most Popular Degrees In The UK

Most Popular Degrees In The UK 2021
Most Popular Degrees In The UK 2021

Without question, UK university degrees are among the most popular study programmes in the world. There are numerous arguments to support this assertion.

The most popular degrees In the UK Universities in the United Kingdom have a long and illustrious history of bringing together brilliant minds and preparing them to become future professionals. This method is based on years of excellence in cutting-edge research, teaching and world-class academics, and sophisticated facilities.

Many notable persons in various fields hold degrees from UK universities, and nearly half a million international students pursue one.


The Most Popular Degrees In The UK 2021


10. Economics


Money, inflation, investments, financial growth, and how we use the money to meet our needs in society are all studied in this field. Graduates may expect to earn roughly £26,000 in their first employment, making this an excellent option for aspiring economists. 58,480 applications received


9.Sport and Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Science
Sport and Exercise Science

This industry is well-known for generating top-tier athletes that command significant wages. Professionals skilled in performance analysis and business management, on the other hand, are in high demand. Careers in sports psychology, clinical and cardiac science, and physiotherapy are also available. 65,305 applications received


8.Business and Administration Courses

Marketing Career Path
Business & Administration courses

Business studies allow students to combine two courses within the real degree: business and marketing, business and finance, and business management and accounting. Job options are considerably more plentiful, allowing for greater career flexibility following graduation. 75,090 applications received


7.Pre-clinical Medicine

Pre-clinical Medicine
Pre-clinical Medicine

Biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, molecular biology, microbiology, and pathology are just a few areas covered in preclinical sciences. It is the first stage toward becoming a medical professional, with the second step, clinical medicine, having a different admissions process. 75,395 applications received


6.Management Studies

Management studies

Management studies investigate ways to optimize organizational structures and systems to propel a company to success. Both the business and public sectors will benefit from this research. Many people are drawn to jobs that allow them to manage, lead, and make decisions. 77,280 applications received


5.Design studies

Design studies
Design studies

Students who are secure in their capacity to make a difference, articulate their views, and make judgments are drawn to creative degrees. Students can specialize in their topic of interest thanks to the degree’s connected subjects. Graphic design and visual communications, and fashion design and illustration are examples of merged fields. 89,400 applications received


4.Computer science

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Computer science

The digital technology sector is one of the fastest-growing in the UK, with a value of almost £184 billion. Computer analysts, programmers, software engineers, and students who have studied various STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related courses are in high demand. 95,035 applications received


3.Law By Area

The Best Law School In The World 2021
Law Studies

The study of law by region is known as law by area. This could cover the United Kingdom as a whole, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the European Union and international law. Solicitors, barristers, and prosecutors all start with this degree. 119,430 applications received



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Psychology is still as popular as ever, thanks to recent increases in mental health awareness and a growing need for support. Many people pick this degree to go into counselling, social work, or teaching. Others pick it to gain a professional understanding and insight into how people behave, respond, and interact, which is a talent that is applicable across all industries. 121,465 applications received



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Best Nursing Schools In Canada 2021

The NHS is the country’s largest employer, with significant demand for qualified health workers in all fields. At the end of the programme, there are nearly assured job opportunities. 162,464 applications received