Why is move in Day is Hard

Why is move in Day is Hard
MUfreshmen nws kwg 8--Joe Berce, 19, of Waterford keeps an eye on his brother Frank's belongings, as he helps move Frank into McCormick Hall at Marquette University, during move-in day, August 22, 2012. Philbin is returning for her second year at Marquette. PHOTO: KRISTYNA WENTZ-GRAFF/ KWENTZ@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM

As you prepare to start your college Life and moving from your home is difficult, but don’t worry, the first two weeks of school is the fun parts because the campus and student life services throw the biggest party on campus, some university offers it for free but the universities I went to usually charge students about $60.00 for welcome week pass that covers all the event on campus and a ticket to show/ concerts and includes University swags gifts.

If this is your first year attending college/ university, this is an excellent opportunity to network with others and make friends. Don’t be afraid because everyone is in the same boat as you, step out of your comforts zones,

The friends you make during your college career can last a lifetime and  even be your next roommates after you move out from campus housing,

When you are attending your courses, don’t sit by yourself. Make sure you sit with someone from your classes because that person can be your study buddy down the road, and even give you the lecture notes if you miss a lecture session due to medical reasons, but I highly recommend that you never miss a lecture because the professors sometimes give away exams questions which are  the difference between passing or failing the course,

Another annoying thing has labs in addition to your courses. I know you don’t want to go to  the lab’s sessions, but it is mandatory, and it is free marks between 10-15 percent’s just for attending and getting involved in the group discussions can earn you free marks,

Editor’s Note: You should never miss lectures  unless you are sick and require medical attention, or you have a specialist appointment which you should attend because your health and well-being is important to you and your family,

It would be best if you read these articles. It will help you prepare for college Life, survive the first year, What to bring to college, Packing List, Fail/ Pass Courses,   P.S I wrote this article at 35,000 fleets while flying to university.