Must Have Apps For Your IPhone

Must Have Apps For Your IPhone
Must Have Apps For Your IPhone

As a generation growing up in the 21st century, we have been evolving with technology. All we know now is laptops, phones and electronics. Those which we carry with us 24/7, and have become a part of our everyday lives. Communication, organization, entertainment, we use our phones for more than we can imagine. So I’ve put together a list of crucial apps to have on your phone to make the most out of it!

Waze – Terrific for Travel

Google Maps and Apple Maps are a necessity as it is to get you from A to B. However, with Waze, it informs you where speed cameras, police and accidents are, how fast you go and find your fastest route. You can also look along your designated path for the nearest petrol station, go to restaurants and shops.

Download it here.

Just Eat – Hungry Heaven

Can’t be bothered to cook? Look no further. Just Eat puts together a list of local restaurant takeaways that deliver to your postcode, or that are nearby to collect. With a range of cuisines and options, it is perfect for those lazy nights in.

Begin your food feast here.

Photo Math – Academic Answers

Stuck on a math problem and can’t get the answer? Homework is due tomorrow? Get some help with ‘Photo Math’ by merely taking a photo of the equation, and Photo Math supplies you with not only the answer but a simple step by step guide on how to get to the solution. Think of it as an online tutor.

Get some help with the math here.

Quidco – Calculate your Cashback

Wouldn’t you love to spend money while shopping, but get money back. For shopping? It sounds ridiculous, but this is true. Quidco offers you cash back when you shop with certain websites online through the app. Who would turn down free money? Not me.

Start saving money while you shop here.

Spending Tracker – Fantastic for Finance

Worried about how much you’re spending? Spending tracker splits your finances into categories, so it is clear what you spend too much and too little on. This might be a scary app for some, but it is a necessity to become more organized with your saving. ESPECIALLY for us students out there.

Get organized with your finances here.