Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Surrender!

Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Surrender!
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Surrender!

I know many of you guys want to give up at this moment because it has been long eight months of restless nights doing school work and studying for midterm exams we only have about five weeks left, you got this, here is a motivation from Eric Thomas he is one of the best in the world.

Never Give Up!!!
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Surrender!
Winston Churchill,
Eric Thomas

When everyone gives up on you, you have to fight!  When your relationship is failing, you have to fight!  There’s no hope when they tell you there’s no hope; YOU HAVE TO FIGHT!  Listen to me! You cannot afford to allow anyone to count you out!  I don’t care what it is, cancer,  school, relationships, business, YOU CAN WIN! You have to hold out, hold on, and KEEP FIGHTING!  Sometimes your salvation comes in the last 10 seconds of your ordeal!  Those last 10 seconds can either make you or break you!  Are you ALL IN or not? I know the battle is hard; I know the struggle is real,

but you can make it if you promise never to give up, never give in, and never surrender!  I’m not telling you something that I read about in a book. This is not something anyone told me!  I’m telling you my life!  Hear me when I tell you that you’ll find yourself in situations where your skills and agility won’t be able to help you!  The only thing that you’ll be able to rely on is your Mental Toughness!

Listen to me closely; this isn’t even about a game, but the last 10 seconds of the Michigan State – University of Michigan game came down to TEN Seconds!  Fans were leaving the stands, the commentators were calling the game, and in those final, closing 10 seconds, State turned it around and won the game! 

Your life, business, and everything will come down to the mental toughness you’ll need in the last ten seconds that will lead to your success!   Don’t ever let anyone count you out!  They might be at nine in the standing ten counts, but you better fight with all you have because you owe you!  Fight because you deserve to win!  Fight because nobody gets to say, “You’re Done!” FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Don’t ever stop fighting! Don’t ever give up! Don’t ever give in and Never, Never, Never Surrender!  It’s the last ten seconds! I know what I’m going to do, the question is, what are you going to do?

It’s ya, boy ET.

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