New Year’s Resolutions For Students

New Year’s Resolutions For Students
New Year’s Resolutions For Students

By now, hopefully, you’ve realized University education is not difficult, it is only bulky.

Therefore, it is important to sink your teeth in on the day the year starts. This will immunize you from losing balance, protect you from being outpaced by your lecturer and keep you from being overwhelmed by a deluge of course material.

New Year’s Resolutions For Students


Be your own driving force

There is not much spoon-feeding at this level. It is up to you to use the course outline as a guiding post and cover the relevant ground in the reference material.

Work with boring professors

You may encounter many zombified lecturers. But, do not give in to the temptation to lump the course with the lecturer and hate it. Disconnect the course from its boring lecturer and remember that its mastery is important for you in your professional life beyond school.

Build a foundation for next year

Freshmen beware. First-year courses are the frame on which second-year courses are built. Therefore, do not study a course with the passing of midterm and final exams as a target. Understand that the course is not only a prerequisite for your second-year courses but also an important building block of your profession.

Measure your performance in a detached and unbiased way

This will guard you against professors who may grade you unfairly and dampen your enthusiasm. It also sets you apart from many students who see their “A” as something they earned, but see their “F” as something their professor gave to them.