NHL Teams Who Got Swept in Stanley Cup Final

NHL Teams who Got Swept in Stanley Cup Final
NHL Teams who Got Swept in Stanley Cup Final

Over the years, the NHL Stanley Cup Final has seen some dominant performances, with several teams achieving the rare feat of sweeping their opponents.

A sweep in the Stanley Cup Final is particularly noteworthy as it underscores the superiority and dominance of the winning team. Here’s a comprehensive look at the history of teams that have been swept in the Stanley Cup Final:

NHL Teams Who Got Swept in Stanley Cup Final

1941Boston Bruins over Detroit Red Wings
1943Detroit Red Wings over Boston Bruins
1944Montreal Canadiens over Chicago Black Hawks
1948Toronto Maple Leafs over Detroit Red Wings
1949Toronto Maple Leafs over Detroit Red Wings
1952Detroit Red Wings over Montreal Canadiens
1960Montreal Canadiens over Toronto Maple Leafs
1968Montreal Canadiens over St. Louis Blues
1969Montreal Canadiens over St. Louis Blues
1970Boston Bruins over St. Louis Blues
1976Montreal Canadiens over Philadelphia Flyers
1977Montreal Canadiens over Boston Bruins
1982New York Islanders over Vancouver Canucks
1983New York Islanders over Edmonton Oilers
1988Edmonton Oilers over Boston Bruins
1992Pittsburgh Penguins over Chicago Blackhawks
1995New Jersey Devils over Detroit Red Wings
1996Colorado Avalanche over Florida Panthers
1997Detroit Red Wings over Philadelphia Flyers
1998Detroit Red Wings over Washington Capitals
2024Florida Panthers over Edmonton Oilers **

(** If Florida wins Tonight)

1940s Dominance

Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs

The 1940s saw a few dominant teams securing their place in history with sweeps. The Boston Bruins started this trend by sweeping the Detroit Red Wings in 1941. The Detroit Red Wings returned the favour two years later, sweeping the Bruins in 1943.

The Montreal Canadiens also made their mark in the 1940s, sweeping the Chicago Black Hawks in 1944. The Toronto Maple Leafs were particularly dominant towards the end of the decade, sweeping the Detroit Red Wings in consecutive years, 1948 and 1949.


Montreal Canadiens’ Reign

Montreal Canadiens
Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have a storied history in the NHL and have achieved multiple sweeps in the Stanley Cup Final. 1952, the Detroit Red Wings swept the Canadiens, but Montreal bounced back with several sweeps.

In 1960, they swept the Toronto Maple Leafs, and in 1968 and 1969, they swept the St. Louis Blues in consecutive years. The Canadiens continued their dominance in the 1970s with sweeps over the Philadelphia Flyers in 1976 and the Boston Bruins in 1977.


Islanders’ and Oilers’ Eras

Islanders' and Oilers' Eras
Islanders’ and Oilers’ Eras

The early 1980s belonged to the New York Islanders. They swept the Vancouver Canucks in 1982 and then the Edmonton Oilers in 1983, showcasing their dominance in this era. The Edmonton Oilers, led by the legendary Wayne Gretzky, returned the favour in 1988 by sweeping the Boston Bruins.


Red Wings’ Late 1990s Dynasty

The Detroit Red Wings were a force to be reckoned with in the late 1990s. They secured back-to-back sweeps over the Philadelphia Flyers in 1997 and the Washington Capitals in 1998. These victories solidified their status as one of the dominant teams of that decade.


Modern Era Sweeps

The Pittsburgh Penguins added their name to the list in 1992 by sweeping the Chicago Blackhawks. The New Jersey Devils followed suit in 1995 by sweeping the Detroit Red Wings. The Colorado Avalanche also achieved this feat in 1996, sweeping the Florida Panthers.


Florida Panthers over Edmonton Oilers Potential 2024 Sweep

2024 Stanley Cup Final - Game Four
2024 Stanley Cup Final – Game Four

As we look forward to the 2024 Stanley Cup Final, the Florida Panthers can join the teams that have achieved a sweep. If they win tonight, they will have swept the Edmonton Oilers, marking a historic moment for the franchise.


Impact of a Sweep

Sweeping a team in the Stanley Cup Final is a remarkable achievement. It demonstrates the winning team’s excellence and consistency and highlights their mental and physical stamina. These sweeps become significant moments in the NHL’s rich history, often remembered for years to come.

The legacy of these dominant performances in the Stanley Cup Final is a testament to the high level of competition and the extraordinary skill required to win the most coveted trophy in hockey.

Each sweep highlights the winning team’s prowess and marks a significant moment in NHL history. As we anticipate future finals, the possibility of another team achieving this remarkable feat always adds excitement to the championship series.