Nordstrom Canada Liquidation Sale: Only 5 Percent Off, What An Embarrassment

The news of Nordstrom Canada’s liquidation sale has caused disappointment and frustration among customers. On March 21, 2023, the company announced that it would shut down all its stores in Canada on June 13, 2023. As a result, the company has started its liquidation sale, offering a storewide discount of only 5 percent.

Many customers hoped for more significant discounts during the sale, especially since Nordstrom Canada will no longer operate in the country. The 5 percent discount seems an embarrassment, and customers are not impressed with the lacklustre offers.

The Nordstrom brand is known for its high-end luxury products and exceptional customer service. Still, the liquidation sale has left customers underwhelmed, with many wondering why the discounts are not more substantial.

Customers had high expectations for sale, given that the company was leaving Canada and will no longer have a presence there. The 5 percent discount is seen as insulting, as it is much lower than what customers expected.

Some customers have expressed their disappointment on social media, with many stating that they will not return to Nordstrom Canada for the remainder of the liquidation sale. Many have also criticized the company for not offering better deals during the sale, especially since it is leaving the Canadian market.

It is unclear why Nordstrom Canada offered such a small discount during its liquidation sale. However, customers are unhappy with the decision and are disappointed with the company.

Overall, Nordstrom Canada’s liquidation sale has not met customers’ expectations, with many feeling let down by the small discount the company offers. As the sale continues, whether Nordstrom Canada will change its pricing strategy to address customers’ concerns remains to be seen.