Why You Should Not Dating During College

Why You Should Not Dating During College
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We all have had our fair share of high school relationships. We were young, naive and, apparently, in love. The dating game is easy in high school, but once you step into college the dating game goes from zero to a hundred real fast.

After four years of meeting new guys, going on blind dates, securing a boyfriend for an amount of time, spending holidays away from home, and having the tug-of-war heart game with my first love from freshman year, I have come to the realization that college and serious dating do not mix.

As a senior, I have been reflecting upon my best decisions, as well as my worst decisions, and dating in college takes the cake for that one. With this being said, I have established a list of the top 5 reasons why you should not date in college.


1. Four Year,

We have four years to live it up before we have to enter into the real world and act like mature adults. Who wants to be tied down to one person all four years? There is a lot of fish in the sea and you do not have to keep everyone you catch.


2. Time,

There is not enough time in the day, let alone the week, to hang out with your boyfriend and friends, and do school work.


3. Future husband,

Guys think that they are constantly being interviewed for a future husband position, and will be tied down and forced to follow you anywhere, immediately after graduation, hence the always formidable awkward conversations and, “I haven’t heard from him in over a week” rant.


4. Maturity Level,

The maturity level of college guys and girls is questionable. Guys are more concerned with sleeping around and bro-chilling with their dudes; girls obsess over sororities and boys.


5. Selfish,

We are all selfish. We want to do us and have our own time to do the activities that we want to do. If that is watching Netflix, or beating the clock at Brick every weekend, then you do you. Guys do not want to make time for their fling or girl, which just makes the mind games more confusing. What happened to go out on a date?


6. New People,

You meet new people and get to experience many new things! If you are tied down, you get stuck with the same friend group, losing out on multiple opportunities to make new friend groups. You also get stuck going to the same events. If you are single, you get to go on blind dates to different date parties, you get to mingle more freely and make friends.


I am not saying that dating is not for everyone, because we do have our favorite college couples who make dating look fun, and we envy that relationship and want one for ourselves. But I do not want one just yet. I am finishing up college, and I plan on going out with a bang. Yes, I have enjoyed dating; no, I do not miss the breakup period. But I do still have my friends and freedom, something that I need to be successful in college. I still have some time. You never know, I could be revisited by boys from the past, or meet someone new, but as of right now, I enjoy being single.