November Scholarship for Americans Colleges 2018

Educational Scholarships
Educational Scholarships

November is around the corner it’s time you should start applying for next semesters scholarships which are free money to cover your tuition cost, looking at database we have selected scholarship that doesn’t require an essay, all you have to do is apply,

Every additional application represents an opportunity to avoid student loans and help them graduate debt free. Plus, many scholarships can be used for expenses other than tuition. In fact, some are awarded in cash and can be used for anything from supplies to a new laptop to gas for their car.

Scholarship TitleAmountDue Date
AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability$99911/15/2018
ACLS Medical School Scholarship$2,50011/30/2018
Act Six Indianapolis Scholarship$46,00011/07/2018
Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship$2,50011/13/2018
American Copy Editors Society Scholarship$2,50011/16/2018
Angels Over Africa Mission ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
Arab-American Women’s Business Council Scholarship$1,00011/01/2018
Armenian American Medical Society Scholarship$1,00011/15/2018
B.K.L. Book Stipend Award$50011/17/2018
BWI College Scholarship$2,00011/30/2018
Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowships$25,00011/15/2018
Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest$2,00011/23/2018
Connor Montgomery Cloud Memorial Scholarship$50011/11/2018
Crafton Tull Foundation Scholarship$2,50011/01/2018
CSUB AAUW ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Adele Davis Scholarship EndowmentVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Adeline Frasch Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Albert Holloway Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Alumni Association ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Armand Hammer Fine Arts ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Associated Students Incorp (ASI) ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Audrey K. Bender Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Bakersfield Chapter Appraisal Institute ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Beglin Family Awards$25011/30/2018
CSUB Benjamin Schneider Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Jimmy D. BarnesVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Betty B. Albright Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Clare Estate and Trust EndowmentVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Dr. Clifford Loader Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Dr. Ernest W. Williams, Jr. ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Dr. George B. Hibbard Retirement ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Dr. Hans Einstein Medical ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Dr. John Forney Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Dr. Robert C. Marshall Endowed ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Dr. Robert W. & Jean L. Sheldon Scholarship$2,37511/30/2018
CSUB Filipino Excellence ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Honorable Len McGillivray Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
CSUB Mildred Baer Memorial Scholarship FundVaries11/30/2018
CSUB William and Laura Edwards ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship$2,50011/24/2018
Daniels Scholarship ProgamVaries11/30/2018
Delaware Open Cross Country Championship Scholarships$2,00011/01/2018
Diamonds in the Rough ScholarshipVaries11/02/2018
Drew King Legacy Scholarship$1,00011/01/2018
For The People Scholarship$5,00011/30/2018
Friends Leadership Award$2,50011/15/2018
Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship$30,00011/01/2018
George Fox Biblical Studies Scholarship Competition$2,50011/01/2018
Girl Scouts of USA Prudential Spirit of Community Awards$5,00011/08/2018
Good Tidings Community Service Scholarship$10,00011/08/2018
Hagan Scholarship FoundationVaries11/15/2018
Hannah Ostrea Memorial College Scholarship$1,00011/15/2018
IIE Dwight D. Gardner Scholarships$3,00011/15/2018
IIE Harold and Inge Marcus Scholarship$1,00011/15/2018
IIE Henry and Elisabeth Kroeze Memorial ScholarshipVaries11/15/2018
IIE John L. Imhoff Scholarship$1,00011/15/2018
IIE John S.W. Fargher Jr. ScholarshipVaries11/15/2018
IIE Lisa Zaken Award For Excellence$70011/15/2018
IIE Presidents Scholarship$1,00011/15/2018
IIE UPS Scholarship for Female Students$4,00011/15/2018
Ilene Sperling Memorial Scholarship$50011/01/2018
International Bipolar Foundation Annual High School Essay Contest$1,00011/30/2018
Jonathan Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men$10,00011/30/2018
Levine Scholars Program$155,00011/08/2018
Linda Thompson Memorial Scholarship$1,00011/01/2018
Louise & Raymond Clark ScholarshipVaries11/01/2018
Marine Band Concerto Competition for High School Musicians$2,50011/15/2018
MIT Inspire CompetitionVaries11/30/2018
National GEM Consortium Fellowships$16,00011/13/2018
NBCUniversal/LNESC Scholarship$5,00011/06/2018
New York Farm Bureau AG Youth Scholarship$1,50011/16/2018
NEWH Orange County Region Scholarship$2,50011/03/2018
North American International Auto Show Poster Contest$1,00011/21/2018
Out To Protect Scholarship$1,00011/30/2018
Panther Preferred$17,60011/26/2018
Patrick Dwyer Scholarship$1,00011/30/2018
Profisee Computer and Information Systems Scholarship$1,00011/01/2018
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards$5,00011/06/2018
Pulliam Journalism Fellowship$6,50011/01/2018
Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholarship$250,00011/15/2018
Robertson Scholars Leadership Program – High School StudentsVaries11/15/2018
South Central Austin Texas Students of the Year$2,50011/15/2018
South-Central Texas Students of the Year – San Antonio Chapter$2,50011/15/2018
Structural Engineering Traveling Fellowship$20,00011/01/2018
Surety & Fidelity Industry Intern-Scholarship Program for Minority Students$5,00011/22/2018
SWPRTI Undergraduate Scholarship$1,00011/15/2018
Tampa Bay Times Peterman Scholarship/News Internship$5,00011/01/2018
The Anne Ford Scholarship$10,00011/13/2018
The CMU Leader Advancement Scholarship$8,00011/15/2018
The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photojournalists$2,50011/15/2018
The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship For New Americans$20,00011/01/2018
The Teagle Foundation Scholarship$10,00011/01/2018
The Watson Middle East FellowshipVaries11/01/2018
Tidewater AGC Educational Scholarships$5,00011/17/2018
UCLA Math Undergraduate Merit ScholarshipVaries11/30/2018
UCT Scholarship Program$2,50011/15/2018
University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship$19,76011/01/2018
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Visual Arts and Art History Fellowships$8,00011/03/2018
Walgreens Expressions Challenge$2,00011/30/2018
Win Up to $12,000 – Enter the 2018 Arizona Milk Producers Video Contest!$12,00011/11/2018
Winston Churchill Foundation of the USA Scholarship ProgramVaries11/07/2018
WTS-Minnesota High School Transportation Scholarship$1,00011/18/2018
YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund$5,00011/01/2018
Young Innovators to Watch Scholarship$1,00011/19/2018


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