The Poorest Countries in the World 2018

The Poorest Countries in the World

While many people in the Western countries. Worry about waiting in line too long for coffee or whether the car they want comes in the right colour across the globe; many people are simply trying to make ends meet every day. These people frequently live in the poorest countries in the world, places with struggling economies, a lack of natural resources or a combination of that and more.

Note: Although the CIA World Factbook lists North Korea’s GDP per capita as $1,800, Find The Data excluded North Korea from the list due to its lack of reliable reporting.


Here are The Poorest Countries in the World


10. Guinea

Guinea Flag
Guinea Flag

GDP per capita: $531.32
Country GDP: $6,699,203,543
Population: 12,609,000
Government type: Republic


9. Mozambique

Mozambique Flag

GDP per capita: $525.01

Country GDP: $14,688,606,238
Population: 27,978,000
Government type: Republic


8. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo
The Democratic Republic of the Congo flag

GDP per capita: $456.05

Country GDP: $35,237,742,278
Population: 77,267,000
Government type: Presidential, Republic


7. Liberia

Liberia Flag

GDP per capita: $455.87
Country GDP: $2,053,000,000
Population: 4,503,000
Government type: Republic


6. the Gambia

Gambia Flag

GDP per capita: $441.29
Country GDP: $850,903,179
Population: 1,991,000
Government type: Republic


5. Madagascar

Madagascar flag

GDP per capita: $411.82
Country GDP: $9,980,522,718
Population: 24,235,000
Government type: Republic


4. Malawi

Malawi flag

GDP per capita: $381.37
Country GDP: $6,565,382,259
Population: 17,215,000
Government type: Presidential



3. Niger

Niger Flag

GDP per capita: $358.96
Country GDP: $7,142,951,342
Population: 19,899,000
Government type: Republic


2. The central African Republic


Central African Republic
Central African Republic flag

GDP per capita: $306.78
Country GDP: $1,503,299,944
Population: 4,900,000
Government type: Republic


1. Burundi

Burundi flag

GDP per capita: $275.98
Country GDP: $3,093,647,227
Population: 11,179,000
Government type: Republic


To determine the world’s most cash-poor countries, FindTheData, a world data site by Graphiq, ranked countries based on their gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, as reported by the World Bank in 2016. However, they only included members of the United Nations. Based on the data from The World Bank, most of the countries  are in the 3rd world countries; those countries are rich in natural resources such as Gas, minerals, Diamonds etc.,