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Registered nurses are one of the most important members of the healthcare team. They are responsible for providing care to patients and ensuring that they are comfortable and safe.

Registered nurses must have a strong understanding of medical terminology and anatomy and the ability to communicate with patients and their families effectively. They must also be able to work under pressure and handle difficult situations.

  • Opportunity Rating: 81 out of 100
  • Students Completing in 2015: 231,312
  • Number of Schools Offering: 2,076
  • Average Salary: $71,044
  • Expected Job Growth by 2024: 16.1%
  • This page refers to the study field at the following degree levels: Certificate, Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctorate.

Number of Students Completing

Number of Students Graduating With nursing degree  Has Risen in the Last Five Years.
The number of graduates completing registered nursing has increased by more than 19% in the last five years, from 192.1 completing per 10,000 students graduating 5 years ago to 228.8 completions per 10,000 graduates in 2015. The Current Population Survey survey for the coming year projects Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse completion rates to reach 237.6 per 10,000 graduates.

The sum of Registered Nurse’s completions per 10,000 hit an all-time high in 2015 with 228 completions, then a record low in 2002 with 127 completions.

Registered Nurse Majors Received Their Bachelor’s Degree
Of the 231,312 students completing the major in 2015:

  • 54.2% received their Bachelor’s Degree (125,306 graduates)
  • 36.9% received their Associate’s Degree (85,249 graduates)
  • 6.6% received their Master’s Degree (15,354 graduates)

Number of Schools Offering

Number of Schools Offering This Major Has Risen in the Last Five Years
The number of schools offering this significant exhibits an overall upward linear trend, growing at about 29 schools every year. If this trend continues, we expect the number of schools offering Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse to hit 2,105.
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse hit an all-time high in 2015 with 2076 schools and an all-time low in 1999 with 1413 schools.
Popularity Rank:3
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse is the 3rd most popular major, a high rank compared to all majors. This number considers the number of students completing and the number of schools offering the major. This major has:

  • Significantly more students completing the major than the average across all majors (231,312 vs. 389 graduates)
  • Seriously more schools offer the major than the average across all majors (2,076 vs. 36 schools)

Opportunity Rating 81
Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse has an opportunity rating of 81 out of 100, above average compared to all majors. This number considers average salary and 10-year job growth for common careers. This major has:

  • About the same salary as the average across all majors ($71,044 vs. $71,835)
  • Considerably higher expected job growth than the average across all majors (16.1% vs. 7.0%)]

Much Higher Percentage of Women
In 2015, 231,312 students were completing Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse majors. Of that total, 201,131 were female, and 30,181 were men (87% female and 13% male).
This is:

  • Consistent with the trend for all Health Professions and Related Programs majors
  • 82% female and 18% male
  • Inconsistent with the direction for all majors
  • 59% female and 41% male

Students Completing This Major are Predominately White
Nationally, more White students complete this major than any other ethnicity (64.6%). This trend is:
Consistent with all Health Professions and Related Programs majors

  • 64.6% White Students
  • Consistent with all majors
  • 57.6% White Students