Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge – $2,500

    Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge – $2,500

    Not all scholarships take hours to apply for. It’s time to use your time wisely! With the Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge, you can win $2,500 by simply posting a 2-minute video on Goodwall. This scholarship is designed for students who want to showcase their creativity and passion in a quick and engaging way.

    Scholarship Details:

    • Award Amount: $2,500
    • Number of Awards: Multiple
    • Eligibility:
      • Open to students worldwide.
      • Must be a member of the Goodwall community.

    How to Apply:

    1. Join Goodwall: If you’re not a member, sign up for a free account on the Goodwall app or website.
    2. Create Your Video: Record a 2-minute video sharing your goals, achievements, or anything that makes you stand out.
    3. Post with #ScholarshipNow: Upload your video to Goodwill and include the hashtag #ScholarshipNow in your post.

    Why Apply?

    • Quick and Simple: No lengthy essays or complex forms—just a 2-minute video.
    • Showcase Your Talents: Highlight your unique qualities and achievements in a creative format.
    • Multiple Awards: Increase your chances of winning with several scholarships available.
    • Support Your Education: Use the $2,500 towards tuition, books, or other educational expenses.

    Important Dates:

    • Application Deadline: The challenge is ongoing, so check Goodwall regularly for current deadlines and updates.

    Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to win $2,500 with just a short video. Apply now for the Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge and take a step closer to achieving your academic dreams!


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