School With Lowest Acceptance Rate 2022

School With Lowest Acceptance Rate 2022
School With Lowest Acceptance Rate 2022

Many students aspire to be admitted to a prestigious college or university, but the supply of open seats frequently falls short of the demand from applicants. Admission to the schools on this list can be particularly difficult. School With Lowest Acceptance Rate 2022

The 100 colleges and universities listed here have the lowest acceptance rates among all undergraduate institutions surveyed by U.S. News, regardless of ranking category, is among the most selective, based on the fall 2020 entering class.


School With Lowest Acceptance Rate 2022

RankSchoolAcceptance Rates
1Curtis Institute of Music4%
2Harvard University5%
3Stanford University5%
4Columbia University6%
5Princeton University6%
6Alice Lloyd College7%
7California Institute of Technology7%
8Juilliard School7%
10University of Chicago7%
11Yale University7%
12Brown University7%
13Duke University8%
14Bowdoin College8%
15Dartmouth College9%
16Johns Hopkins University9%
17Northwestern University9%
18Pomona College9%
19Swarthmore College9%
20United States Military Academy9%
21United States Naval Academy9%
22University of Pennsylvania9%
23Colby College9%
24Cornell University9%
25Rice University10%
26Tulane University11%
27Amherst College11%
28Vanderbilt University11%
29Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angeles12%
30Claremont McKenna College12%

There are some pretty amazing schools with incredibly low acceptance rates across the country. If you’re lucky enough to be accepted into one of these schools, you’ll be in great company! Check out the list below of the ten schools with the lowest acceptance rates and start your application today!.

Many people want to go to college and attend the best school they can think of. However, schools with low acceptance rates make it difficult for these students to get accepted. Some schools have the lowest acceptance rates in the United States.

The cost of college is rising. More parents are concerned about what they will do for their children after high school. There are many articles written on how to pay for college, but not many articles concerning acceptance rates. will go over the 30 colleges with the lowest acceptance rates in 2022.