Sites That Help You Find Legit Remote Jobs

10 Work-From-Home Mistakes to Avoid
10 Work-From-Home Mistakes to Avoid

While pandemic caused companies to convert many previously on-site jobs to work-from-home opportunities for safety reasons, many organizations have intentionally created positions designed to be virtual rather than in-house.

That means that if you value becoming a remote worker or staying one, many organizations may be advertising just the job you’re hoping for.

Work-from-home websites can help you find these types of coveted jobs. With so many people seeking remote opportunities, beware of work-from-home sites that promote fake job ads and other scams.

Below is a list of 11 reputable work-from-home job sites that offer a wide range of legitimate remote jobs, followed by descriptions of a few of each site’s unique features.

If you’re wondering how to get a work-from-home job, these 10 sites are the perfect place to start since each specifically lists remote employment opportunities for those who prefer that as a core aspect of the position.



Launched in 2007, FlexJobs is one of the longest-standing sites created specifically to help professionals find remote and flexible jobs. The site’s founder, Sara Sutton, explains she was inspired to start FlexJobs because she looked for a remote opportunity with a flexible schedule. At the same time, pregnant and was discouraged by how many bogus job sites there were in this niche.

FlexJobs’ staff researches what they identify as the best job listings for professional positions in more than 50 career fields worldwide. Opportunities are both part-time and full-time, from entry-level to executive-level. They provide client support for their members and a money-back guarantee. Pricing starts at $6.95 for a one-week trial.

Remote. A FlexJobs partner, also founded by Sutton, describes itself as a site for “all things remote work.” It offers sections for employers to post remote jobs and for job seekers to find those opportunities. The site also includes a remote work blog and common work-from-home questions answered by 142 remote companies and virtual teams.


California State University’s Public Database

California State University–East Bay has a public database that lists remote job openings across the country. While the school generally shares this information with its students, it decided to offer this to everyone to help Americans find remote jobs in a difficult economy.

The database is in a simple Google Sheets format, listing the company name, job title and category. The university’s job database is regularly updated and currently contains over 3,000 active job vacancies across diverse industries, reports CNN.

One of the major job search sites for traditional work, Indeed, also has a special section for remote jobs. The site currently lists more than 135,000 remote jobs that are searchable by job type, salary estimate, location, company and experience level. Indeed also lets users upload resumes so that employers can find them.


We Work Remotely

According to the We Work Remotely site, its community has over 2.5 million monthly visitors. The site lists remote jobs in categories including programming, design, copywriting, sales and marketing; it also designates between full-time and contract positions.

We Work Remotely also offers several resources for remote job seekers, including a remote job description template, remote work trends and the top 100 remote work categories.



Proshyft is an online platform that connects Canadian professional accountants with customers from all sizes of business who need accountant work done. Sign up on the platform so you can start working remotely



While ZipRecruiter is a larger job board that publishes traditional job opportunities, it contains a section specifically for remote positions. As of late November, its remote jobs database contained over 295,000 remote jobs. Some of the most popular types of remote jobs listed on the site are administrative, part-time and contract work. Some of the most popular remote job titles found on the site are teacher, graphic designer and bookkeeper.



A free site that’s targeted solely toward remote jobs, Jobspressohas over 1,000 openings listed, featuring tech jobs such as developer, designer, UX and DevOps, as well as writing, editing and product management roles.

According to the site, Jobspresso curates, reviews and adds to its listings daily. The site’s staff spends time “to make sure every job is legitimate and open by reviewing the employer’s website, social media accounts and general reputation, so you see only the highest quality jobs.


Working Nomads

Working Nomads distinguishes itself from other sites by offering a remote job board that spans positions worldwide. It targets job seekers who need “only a computer, Wi-Fi, and a cloud” to do their work and offers not only fully remote positions but partly remote jobs where you might need to spend some time on-site for training or team-building purposes.


Remote Work Hub

Offering only full-time remote-jobs, Remote Work Hub’s homepage claims that the site provides its users 10 times more jobs and better filters than the No. 1 remote job board. The site was started by Cam Woodsum, who says he believes working online from anywhere you want “is the fastest shortcut to freedom and that freedom is the fastest shortcut to happiness and living a great life.” Besides being able to browse categories to find certain types of jobs on Remote Work Hub, you can also set up job alerts, read blog posts and learn more about digital nomading.


Remote OK

Listing remote jobs in software development, customer support, marketing, design and other industries, the Remote OK site states that its job board reaches more than 1 million remote workers. The site also includes a worker directory, a global talent pool of over 5,000 remote workers and a live ranking of top remote companies’ hiring trends.