Smartest Person in the world

The Smartest Person in the world
The Smartest Person in the world

Humans have strived to be the most intelligent people in the world for centuries. We have sought knowledge and challenged ourselves to push our limits. But what does it mean to be the most smartest person in the world?

Who is this mystery person who stands out among all others? This post seeks to answer these questions by exploring who the world’s smartest person could be.


The Smartest person in the world


10. Evangelos Katsioulis

Evangelos Katsioulis is a man who has gained global recognition for his incredible intelligence. He is widely regarded as the smartest person in the world. Originally from Greece, Evangelos Katsioulis earned his medical doctorate at the University of Crete and worked as an international medical consultant.

Katsioulis achieved a perfect score on multiple IQ tests, setting him apart from other high-achievers in intellectual capacity. His impressive achievements include being accepted into Mensa with an incredible IQ of 198 – three times higher than Albert Einstein’s! Katsioulis has also set records by gaining the highest scores ever recorded on more than one IQ test,

including those conducted by American Mensa and the International High IQ Society. He is a member of seven international high-IQ societies and holds multiple mathematics, physics, philosophy and psychology certifications.


9. Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is one of the most famous chess players in the world. He entered the grandmaster ranks at 13 and has become a chess legend, even being labelled by some as “the smartest person in the world.”

His career accomplishments are stellar; he was named Grandmaster of The Year three times (2009-2011) and crowned World Chess Champion for five consecutive years (2013- 2018). In 2019 he became the first player to win all four major international chess tournaments. His achievements have earned him numerous awards and recognition from around the globe.

The extraordinary talent of Magnus Carlsen is undeniable, and his passion for competition is apparent; he has revolutionized modern-day chess, inspiring generations of young players to take up this game with enthusiasm.


8. Shahriar Afshar

Shahriar Afshar is widely considered by many to be the most competent person in the world. With a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford, Shahriar has been setting records for intelligence throughout his academic career. His work as a physicist, entrepreneur, and intelligence has been acclaimed by leaders in their fields around the globe.

As an investor, Shahriar has made numerous contributions to science and technology through his research and development of advanced technologies. He is known as the man who created quantum teleportation.

This allows instantaneous information to be sent from one place to another without losing data or quality. He has also worked on projects revolutionizing healthcare, telecommunications, and energy production.


7. Akshay Venkatesh

Regarding intelligence, Akshay Venkatesh is often called the most intelligent person in the world. Gifted with an IQ of 170, Venkatesh has astounded experts and peers alike with his immense knowledge and exceptional problem-solving skills. Born in Australia to Indian parents,

this mathematical genius was a child prodigy who began reading early. Venkatesh started taking college courses at age 11 and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Australia at 13. After that,

he earned a master’s degree from Princeton University and a doctorate from Stanford University when he was only 20 years old! For his work on the representation theory of algebraic groups over local fields, Venkatesh won the prestigious Fields Medal in 2018, becoming one of the youngest recipients ever.


6. Saul Kripke

Saul Kripke is an American philosopher many consider the smartest person in the world. His work on logic, language and philosophy has challenged traditional views of these disciplines and left a lasting impression on modern thought.

Kripke’s work has earned him numerous awards, including a National Humanities Medal from former President Obama. He was also awarded a lifetime achievement award from the American Philosophical Association for his contributions to philosophy.

He was inducted into the National Academy of Sciences in 2018 for his groundbreaking research in semantics and modal logic. Kripke’s philosophical theories have been widely accepted among academics and scholars alike,

making him one of the most influential thinkers in modern history. He is renowned for making complex concepts understandable and accessible to all levels of understanding, whether students or professional philosophers.


5. Ruth Lawrence

Ruth Lawrence is an English mathematician who gained international fame at ten as the world’s smartest person. Born in 1974, Ruth was the youngest person ever to graduate from Oxford University with a degree in mathematics.

Since then, she has held positions such as professor of mathematics at Oxford and published several books on her research in various fields, including number theory and algebraic geometry.

Ruth Lawrence is widely regarded as one of the smartest people alive today due to her extraordinary knowledge and expertise in mathematics. Her impressive career accomplishments include a Fields Medal for her groundbreaking work on algebraic geometry and a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for her services to maths education.

She also holds honorary degrees from universities across Europe, including Cambridge University, where she was awarded an honorary doctorate for her outstanding contribution to mathematics.


4. Grigori Perelman

Grigori Perelman is widely regarded as one of the smartest people in the world. He is a Russian mathematician who gained international recognition for solving one of mathematics’ most challenging problems, the Poincaré Conjecture.

This work earned him the Clay Mathematics Institute Millenium Prize and Fields Medal, two awards considered to be some of the highest honours in mathematics. Raised in Leningrad, Perelman completed his Ph.D. at Leningrad State University before moving to America to further his research and teaching at Rutgers University and Stony Brook University.

He then returned to Russia, where he became a professor at St Petersburg’s Institute for Physical and Technical Studies before devoting himself full-time to mathematics research.


3. Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles is one of the smartest people in the world and has a long list of impressive accomplishments. Born in Cambridge, England, he studied mathematics at Oxford and received his Ph.D. from Clare College in 1980.

He then moved to Princeton, where he began working on Fermat’s Last Theorem and was eventually able to prove it in 1995, solving a problem that had been unsolved for centuries. His work earned him the prestigious International Mathematical Union’s Fields Medal and numerous other awards.

His achievements have made him one of the most renowned mathematicians ever and placed him among some of the smartest minds on Earth. He continues to teach at Princeton University while researching with colleagues at other universities worldwide. Andrew Wiles inspires aspiring mathematicians everywhere, demonstrating what can be accomplished when we push our intellectual boundaries beyond our limits.


2. Edward Witten

Edward Witten is widely regarded as one of the smartest people in the world. Born in 1951, the physicist has revolutionized his field through his work on string theory, a concept he developed that attempts to unify all known physical laws into a single, elegant mathematical theory.

He also made important contributions to quantum field theory and topology, making him one of the most influential scientists of our time. His intellectual prowess is evident from an early age: he received his Ph.D. from Princeton University when he was just 20.

During his career, he won numerous awards, including the Fields Medal in 1990 and a MacArthur Fellowship in 1982. He currently serves as a professor at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study. He continues pushing boundaries with new ideas and theories that could open up a new understanding of our universe.


1. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is widely considered one of the smartest people in the world. He was a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author who changed our understanding of the cosmos with his groundbreaking research and theories.

Hawking was born on January 8th, 1942, in Oxford, England, and achieved unprecedented success. He studied at Oxford University before attending Cambridge University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Cosmology. His work focused mainly on black holes, relativity, and quantum mechanics, resulting in numerous critical scientific discoveries.

His 1988 book A Brief History of Time became an international bestseller, making him a household name worldwide. Despite suffering from motor neuron disease for much of his life, he continued working until his death in 2018 at age 76.


The Smartest Person in the world

  • Evangelos Katsioulis
  • Magnus Carlsen
  • Shahriar Afshar
  • Akshay Venkatesh
  • Saul Kripke
  • Ruth Lawrence
  • Grigori Perelman
  • Andrew Wiles
  • Edward Witten
  • Stephen Hawking