The Most Spoken Languages In Canada 2018

Most Spoken Languages In Canada 2018
Most Spoken Languages In Canada 2018

Canadians are becoming more bilingual because Canada’s diverse nation can almost find a person from every country across Canada. According to recent Census data, More Canadians are speaking two or more languages than ever before because of the Canadian enhanced immigration system, However, Canada’s official languages are still English and French, used in Government Services.

While Mandarin and Cantonese are languages are  most spoken non-official languages and followed by Punjabi and Tagalog Filipino,

Unsurprisingly, the places with the most diversified populations in terms of language were the larger cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver (which reported 46.5 and 44.7 percent of the population speaking an immigrant language, respectively). Nonetheless, according to the Huffington Post, communities with fewer population showed a considerable level of variation.

Here are the Most Spoken Languages In Canada 2018

  1. Mandarin 610,835
  2. Cantonese 594,030
  3. Punjabi 543,495
  4. Tagalog 510,425
  5. Spanish 495,090
  6. Arabic 486,525
  7. Italian 407,450
  8. German 404,745
  9. Urdu 243,090
  10. Portuguese 237,000

Sources: Stats Canada

Immigrants Language

Source; Stats Canada / HuffPost Source; Stats Canada / HuffPost

Immigrants Language

English/ Fench Bilingualism rates
English/ Fench Bilingualism rates