sponsored content policy

At AMG Brands Network Inc. we rely on advertising to keep bringing you the content you love to read. The majority of the content on University Magazine is created solely by our editorial team, but on occasion, we also work with external partners to create content we hope our readers will find interesting and useful.

In some cases, the partner provides content for us, but in others, they support us in producing content but we maintain editorial independence. This additional content is labelled so you can see who has funded it and how it was created, and we have created this page to make it clear to you exactly what those labels mean about how the content you’re reading was funded. We use these three different labels to categorize funded Content:


Supported Content

Supported Content describes the Content that is independently produced by the editorial team but funded by a partner. A partner can fund new projects or associate their brand with existing series on our website. University Magazine’s Editor has the final say on partnership approvals and ensures that all stories produced under this agreement respect our editorial standards, ethics, and values.

The pieces are written and edited by our editorial team of writers and editors or by a special projects team. Partners do not influence Their editorial decisions; they do not submit copy for approval before publication and do not accept any feedback or ideas from partners.

A partner can also fund new or existing original video series or social media special projects. The Content is produced independently by University Magazine’s video, and social teams without any say from the partners before, during, and after the release.

All articles, content hubs, videos, or social media posts are marked as “Supported By,” and the partner is clearly indicated.


Custom Content

Custom Content describes any paid published media (articles, videos, social media posts) produced by the University Magazine branded content Studio in collaboration with a client. When partnering with University Magazine, brands leverage our team’s expertise to connect with University Magazine’s audiences through original storytelling.

Clients collaborate with the University Magazine Studio to create informative, entertaining, or engaging content that builds brand awareness and affinity. This paid Content is produced according to the industry’s best standards and practices by our in-house team of Studio writers, editors, and producers. The editorial team is not involved in the creation of Custom Content. All Content respects University Magazine’s values and is created in alignment with the interests of local communities.

All articles, content hubs, videos, or social media posts are marked as “Presented By,” and the client is clearly indicated.


Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content describes a form of paid Content produced and controlled by an advertiser. Advertisers can collaborate with the Sales team to create articles or social posts to showcase their product or service. This Content is created independently from the editorial, video, and social teams.

All articles, content hubs, videos, or social media posts are marked as “Sponsored By,” The advertiser is clearly indicated.


We don’t accept the following sponsored contents.

  • Casinos/ Gambling
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Drug-related
  • Illegal / adult contents
  • Anything forbidden by law
  • Political/ Religious
  • Get rich quick scheme

Starting price for our sponsored content is $250, we accept PayPal, Credit cards. (ACH payment for US). Direct deposit is only in Australia and Canada.

Discounts may apply to nonprofit organizations once verified.