How to start pursuing your dream job this Summer

How to start pursuing your dream job this Summer
How to start pursuing your dream job this Summer

School is out. Summer begins. We’ve now got so much more free time, we just don’t know what to do with it. Whether you’re beginning college, finishing college or beginning your search for that dream job, why not start now to embark on your journey to get to this place?

It’s always better to start getting prepared in advance, rather than leaving it to the last minute and sending your CV anywhere and everywhere to try and land yourself a graduate job. By making yourself known in the industry that you want to pursue a career in, and gaining key skills and experience, it will make you stand out against all the other candidates.

Work Experience

Gaining work experience is a must! To try and land yourself your dream job, you need to take every single opportunity given to you and put your all into it. It not only looks amazing on your CV that you’ve had an insight into the working life, but also shows your dedication to the role and your determination to succeed. Contact companies within your job sector asking if they have any opportunities to help and volunteer with them, or similarly look at internships online.


Make Useful Contacts

Linking to work experience, keep in contact with people you meet along the way. You never know when they may come in handy one day. Socialising and meeting new people can be really beneficial in the long term, especially when you may need to ask for a favour. When you do work experience at a company, keep in contact with your supervisor, make sure they remember who you are so when it comes to looking for a real job, they know you over anyone else. Take whoever you meet’s contact number or email and keep in contact with them every now and again to keep the relationship alive.


Build Your Skills

Whether it is your knowledge or practical skills, by building and practising skills that you may need in a few years time will help you in the long run. By being prepared and having learnt how to do things that others may not be able to do will put you at the top of the list.



Do your research. Whether it is for the companies, the job role, or what you as an individual need to accomplish, it is key to know everything, even if you think it isn’t important. This will help you in your day to day life as well as interview skills so that you would be able to answer any questions made to trick you out. What you know says a lot about a person’s character, so make sure yours is impressive!


Start From The Bottom

We all expect to leave graduation and walk into our new lives, with a job and being financially stable. Now it’s time to wake up. Unfortunately for a majority of us, it doesn’t start that way, but it sure can end that way. For the meantime, it’s OKAY to start at the bottom. Whether that means you’re not quite at the level of your dream job yet, or you’re running errands for people and being the ‘coffee girl,’ it will get better. Give it time, take the moment that you have and keep thinking of what you can accomplish.