Stay Away from These Second-hand Items from the Thrift store

Summer Hats

Recently, buying used items from popular markets and using them has spread, after the high prices of first-hand items for the rich and poor people. Still, these phenomena cause serious issues that are unknown to many.

Some people may do this because of the inflated prices for clothes, cosmetics and items such as electronic devices and home furniture. This trend may lead some people to buy second-hand food and medicine, or some may turn To buy such things only for saving!

Buying second-hand items help save, but it may have collateral damage that exceeds your ability to bear, so of course, everything has its disadvantages. Here we will show you ten things that you must avoid buying them to avoid their serious issues:


Here Are Stay Away from These Second-hand Items from the Thrift store.


1. Underwear


Used clothes are stored for a long time and carry a lot of dust, which causes asthma, and a large percentage of doctors have confirmed this through research. Dust is one of the most common things that increase asthma sensitivity or trigger an asthma attack, so people with asthma should avoid wearing used underwear or make sure that it is well cleaned. It can also cause skin diseases.


2. Shoes

Running shoes
Running shoes

New shoes must be purchased even if they do not smell foul because the shoes’ price is not high. It is not worth the risk of buying used shoes, as used shoes may have subtle problems that you do not realize until after trying them, and the shoes adapt to the shape of the foot that you use. So, this may be a reason for you to encounter problems while using it. And shoes may transmit the infection to those who wear them.


3. Hats

Summer Hats

The scalp is sometimes affected by skin diseases like the rest of the body and sweat, dandruff, and many other things that are difficult to get rid of the effects of on the hats. Headgear is one of the hardest to clean pieces thoroughly; no matter how cool and attractive the caps are to wear, never buy second-hand!.


4. Linens


One of the most dangerous items that you can have used is linens, as these linens can be infested with bed bugs, which stick to the furnishings and move through clothes and fly around the rest of the house bugs cause itching and skin diseases and pose a significant risk.


5. Mattresses


Although you probably won’t find mattresses in a regular second-hand store, it is not a good idea to buy a used mattress if you see one.

You can bring all kinds of insects into the home, such as fleas, mites, or other germs, and mattresses also carry bodily fluids to their previous owners (and their animals) and can also transmit the infection. A used mattress can have a neat and clean look, but there is no way to know if it is safe on the inside or not?!


6. Cribs


Even if the crib is clean and looks good, it is best to invest in safe, new cribs for your baby since safety standards have changed dramatically over the past few decades.
Also, the child’s cradle may contain textiles used inside it.

It may be at risk due to the infestation of bed bugs. The Department of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University stated that the bugs could survive for a year in upholstered pieces. On the other hand, there is a group of Cute, inexpensive pillows in some specialty stores that can fit into any interior design scheme.


7. Toys

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If you buy Toys like a teddy bear for your child, you should bear in mind that the child is continuously touching, cuddling or chewing the toy. So, it has to be very sterile.
Second-hand toys are storage for germs, bugs, fleas, moulds and allergens.

Washing the toy in hot water is not always reliable; Because some germs can tolerate hot temperatures; So, it is not a good idea to buy used toys unless you plan to put them in the museum.


8. Cookware

Good Housekeeping

It may look beautiful, but rusted pots, pans, cutlery, and other kitchen utensils are not safe to cook. Overused cookware can contain harmful minerals and chemicals, which contaminate your food. For this reason, it is safe to purchase antique kitchen supplies for decoration, but not for dining out.


9. Cosmetics and perfume

Cosmetics and perfume

The purchase of second-hand cosmetics and cosmetic tools is a big mistake and very dangerous, and we advise girls to stop such a bad habit. The formation of a spot that itches sometimes and an unsterilized brush may transfer the fungus quickly.


10. Food and medicine

Food and medicine

In any case, do not try to buy food and medicine from thrift stores, as it may be expired or have something in it that makes it unusable. It should also be noted that it is not permissible to use any medicine type without consulting a doctor.