How To Stay Fit During School

How To Stay Fit During College
How To Stay Fit During College

Most of us are so busy with school and work, and we forget about the most important thing which is our health we spend hours and hours in class listening to some boring lectures

what is the point of having a college education if you are not healthy to enjoy the rewards those hard work you spend in school from kindergarten to 12th Grades then another 4-6 years of university,

As a former track and field athlete, I spend years in Track and Field; even received a scholarship to The University of Alabama, where I spend two years on the development team but I took a long break from Track and FIeld to focus on my education which is essential.

But I still wake up early in the morning at 5 A.M then go for 45 mins run by the riverside.Then I come back to the house and  shower and make breakfast and watch morning News then I start my day with 10:00 A.M morning lecture and the most important thing to me is health and security/ safety

Here Is How You Can Stay Fit During School


1. Take the initiative

If there are no organized leagues in your community, or you find that school sports are either too serious or not serious enough for your liking, you can get the ball rolling (so to speak). Round up a group of friends for an impromptu soccer game in the park. Beyond the thrill of the competition, playing outside is undoubtedly a much healthier option than another round of Call of Duty.


2. Go to the Gym

Whether your focus is building muscle or burning off the calories from your last Smokehouse Deluxe burger, working out can be beneficial for everyone. Consider getting a membership at a local gym. If that isn’t an option, a steady routine of push-ups and crunches is a convenient alternative. Keep your priorities straight – make a note of your school and work schedules and try to pencil in a few hours each week to work out.


3. Run

You don’t need state-of-the-art equipment – just a long stretch of road and a pair of sneakers without holes. If you don’t love running, your iPod will make things a lot easier. Set your alarm early and hit the trails as the sun is rising – you’ll take a breath of the crisp morning air and know that you don’t have a care in the world. Elite athlete or not, running is the first and simplest step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


4. Lunch Productive

To escape the tedium of your dull lunch break, head to the gym a couple of times a week or join in on a pickup game. This is a fantastic way to keep your skills sharp, try something new, or merely divert your attention from the steaming batch of french fries in the cafeteria.