How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions


It’s that time of the year where the common saying “New Year, New Me.” is thrown around again. Although it is heavy cliché and carries a sarcastic undertone, it simply just expresses our collective intentions of actually accomplishing the goals we fail to stick to in the previous years. Whether it is to lose some weight, quit smoking, or reducing the usage of social media, creating these New Years resolutions gives the motive to help achieve our goals. New Year’s resolutions can hold a negative sense and can come off as pointless but with these tips on how to stick to your resolutions, it will make accomplishing them more realistic:


Think Short Term

This may come off as odd as many of us create goals in an attempt to change our entire lifestyle rather than just a small part of our lives, but it can be more beneficial to think short term at first. The transition from short-term goals to long-term ones are much more attainable and practical. As we may already know, long-term goals are difficult to stick to so starting off with short-term goals produces a time limit which creates a strong incentive.




Start Off Small

Try to come up with resolutions that are straightforward and ones you can see yourself keeping. For example, if you want to be more active this year, you can solely change your mode of transportation. Walk more often throughout campus or ride a bicycle to work, rather than sitting in a car. Eventually, this goal will become a habit and you can start to slowly aim for bigger goals.




Share Your Goals

Sharing your goals and resolutions with others can be more effective. By talking about your goals with people you feel comfortable with, it forms a more encouraging perspective. By doing so, you are creating a support group, which makes the experience much easier. You have people you can talk to about an accomplishment or when struggling to move past a bad habit. Overall having a support group makes the journey of sticking to resolutions less stressful.