Student Guide to Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving break for many university and college students is an oasis in the middle of the fall semesters; It’s a well-deserved opportunity to return home and recharge before midterm exams,

As we know, October is the second busiest month because you got papers and midterms that are due, It might be their first chance to get some good food and spend time with old friends. Lots of students go home for Thanksgiving, but some stay on campus. Others head to a friend or roommate’s house to celebrate the holiday.


Going Home

If you haven’t made travel arrangements should get on that now because Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year, so knowing what to expect can prevent a fun trip home from turning into a travel nightmare.

You should book your flights or buy your bus ticket because if you try to book it last minute, you will be paying the premium price for a key that was supposed to be cheap.



You should bring back your coursework study material so you can prepare for midterm exams and also stay ahead of your course load,

While staying on top of your coursework is challenging, it isn’t impossible. Thanksgiving is your first real chance to learn how to manage homework over a college break.



Thanksgiving Foods You Can bring back.

You should Bring back some food, aka “ Care package” it also saves you some money; you can eat those care packages till Christmas break; here are some ideas of things you should bring back from Thanksgiving.

  1. Pie, whole or sliced (including pumpkin pie!)
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Cookies
  4. Apple fritters
  5. Turkey, cooked or raw and whole or sliced
  6. Stuffing
  7. Fruitcake
  8. Other cakes
  9. Fruit baskets, minus any liquids or jams
  10. Dry baking mixes
  11. Solid or dry leftovers
  12. Gingerbread
  13. Casseroles, minus any mushroom soup
  14. Mini bottles of alcohol