Study Smarter: How To Master Reading Techniques

Reading effectively can help you with your academics. So learning how to improve your reading techniques and comprehend materials better are paramount to your studies.

Just how do you do so you ask? Let’s find out how to master it!


Top 5 Ways To Read Effectively


Number 1:

Break down the reading to easily follow key concepts.

To really remember what we read there are three concepts you should use when reading. Plus, they’re easy to apply.

  1. How much the content means to you relates to how well you learn it. Basically, the more invested you are the better. Just think of it as extremely interesting, lie to yourself if you have to. Don’t laugh it’s for the good of your studies.
  2. Try to relate to the content or scenario – the easiest way is to link to your experiences, so you recall it, as part of your life.
  3. You need repetition in order to make it something your mind wants to translate to the long-term side of your memory.


Using these three concepts are essential to remembering your reading.  But let’s also look at a method to reading, and better yet, absorbing the content.


Best Reading Methodology:


1. Read the first paragraph and always underline the topic sentence. Then highlight each supporting point from the following paragraphs. Think of the writing construction. First, you have your main topic, followed by supporting points or explanations, and wrapping up with a conclusion. Use this to better follow the arguments and explanations.

2. With the key statement underlined double-check you have all the supporting points highlighted as well. In a way you are organizing the writing to follow what’s discussed.

3. Once you have identified the key points it’s easier to follow the argument. You can then go back and highlight as you re-read the evidence and begin critically thinking about this concepts and to begin to analyze. Analyzing makes you more invested in the content. Plus, remember to relate to what you’ve read, by thinking of your own experiences in life.

4. Look for claims or evidence that support the main topic. Trust me at the end of a chapter you’ll be surprised at how much info you’ve gathered and how much you must know sometimes.

5. Go back and re-read again. Yes, I hear groans, but to capture everything to study you need to re-read and decipher what’s being said. It is helpful to use the 5 W’s for this. (what, where, when, who, why, and how).

6. While re-reading this time summarize the chapters. Take notes in the shortest possible way to capture all the most essential information.

7. You then want to leave it for a day and come back fresh and read your notes before you fast read the chapter. Why all the re-reading you ask? It’s simply helping to remember it via repetition. Once you are sure you got it move on to the next chapter.

Number 2:

Take notes that summarize essential information.

As mentioned above, you will want to take notes, but make them short and concise. This may mean breaking info into charts, graphs, pictures, and summary lists. Use your highlighter, bold pen, and headers to keep organized and make it easy to skim later when studying.

Number 3:

Often chapters have a summary section you can use.

A summary helps ensure you have all the most relevant information. Breaking down the information in chunks of five to seven pieces per chapter can do wonders. We just aren’t made to remember everything.

Read this article to gain a clearer picture to remembering what you read or anything for that matter.


Number 4:

Be driven and every time you read push yourself toward improving.

Check out this article on technique’s to really read faster. If we don’t try being proactive readers and try to comprehend more of it then it is easy to struggle with our studies, especially when reading effectively is so important in university. Instead, choose to be proactive. Check out how to speed read:


Number 5:

Try reading something else written about the same topic to truly grasp the concepts.

Particularly with academic subjects, which are tough to wrap your head around at first, you have to work at it to truly understand the reading. The way one textbook writes it compared to another may help you understand the topic even more. Broaden your studies yourself to gain a comprehensive knowledge.

Reading is a skill you can excel at and master as I’ve outlined in my article and once you have these skills it can give you a huge reward in your studies and grades. So it is worth all the effort to master it. Until next time happy reading.