10 Tv shows to catch up with this summer

Summer TV shows to start or catch up on.
Summer TV shows to start or catch up on.

We all know our summer expectations never match up with reality, so  here are 10 TV shows to catch up with this summer. Get cozy, renew your Netflix subscription and Binge with the rest of us.

Greys anatomy

One word, LONG. Just Long, it is an emotional rollercoaster of drama, death, and love. I finished an entire season in one week and I regret nothing. If you haven’t heard about Greys Anatomy, well, now you have, your welcome. Not only is it one of the most intriguing TV shows out there, you don’t even have to have a thing for medical drama, this show will draw you in naturally. It has 12 seasons! So you can stay home, while your friends are out doing what they’d probably regret the next morning, and catch up with the rest of us on Greys. If you wanna be cute about it and pace yourself. Then you can split it up into a season per week, still, that’s 12 weeks, 3 months!!  You will laugh, hate, even cry for fictional characters that you will never meet, but you will love every minute of it. Its amazing


vibe-vixen-scandal13.pngScandal, the name says it all. If you live for the tea, as in drama then, this is the show for you. Secret affairs, white house tensions, a strong female lead, it has it all. The thing that makes this show unique from every other white house, FBI show out there is the writer, Shonda Rhimes. Sis plays no games. Everything from the character development, story lines, plot twists, is complete brilliance. Not only will you start to question the little things the American government does ( if you haven’t already) but you will also develop an unhinged sense of curiosity. Trust me by the end of season 2, you will find yourself googling shit you normally wouldn’t.


download-1.jpgEmpire is lit! That’s all you need to know. It is about a dysfunctional family that is taking over the music industry while dealing with their troubled past growing up in the hood. Personally, I love this show because of one of the main characters, cookie. She is the embodiment of “ride or die” not only is she a strong female character played by Taraji.P.Henson, she brings to life a certain ghetto flair that is often looked down upon in mainstream media, and makes it acceptable and almost glorifies it in fact. This show also touches upon Gay issues and acceptance, mental health, and generally black culture and hip hop. All  of this is neatly integrated into drama and mess, that will keep you guessing

Power is produced by 50-cent, so you know its gonna be about some hood shit..and it is! Power is basically empire but instead of music, its drugs, and explicit sex scenes. The storyline is very well written, it takes place in Newyork and follows the life of a club owner/drug dealer, ghost as he tries to get out of the drug business but demons from his past keep coming up. Again, a lot of crime and violence in this show, but it’s definitely a good watch.

Here we go again, FBI Training Camp, terrorists, Hostages, America, guns, bomb!! That all it is. The characters are very dynamic and representative of today’s political instability. It’s definitely good to show, it gets you thinking, that being said its relatively new, so I have high hopes for the seasons to come.

Issa comedy! Created by Issa Rae it follows the hilarious dynamic friendship of 2 black women, Molly and Issa, as they navigate adulthood facing off real-life problems and the relatable struggles of being an awkward black girl. This show is not for everyone, but its defiantly worth a try.

Chewing gum
Cringe!! This show is so cringe-worthy, you have to keep watching. It follows this socially awkward girl as usual, as she deals with day-to-day adult struggles. while living with her overbearing religious African mother, insane sister and crazy friends. This shows adds a comedic spin to an otherwise shitty situation, it’s genuinely funny and I love that it’s on Netflix

The 100
Ever wonder what would happen if Trump started a nuclear war? Well, wonder no more. The 100 is about the survivors of the nuclear war now living in space, and the surprises and challenges they face when they come back to earth 3 generations later and try to rebuild their home. Not only is this show interesting, it defiantly gets you invested in the characters and not in an emotionally healthy way either. If you are into sci-fi, this would be a great place to get your fix.

The Originals
Vampires, witches,werewolves, spirits, blood sacrifices, gorgeous cast members, we got it all. Again, the writers on this show are not playing games. The storyline is impeccably written and very well directed. Originally a spin-off from vampire diaries,( no need to watch vampire diaries to understand this show) this show is about the first original vampires as they try to take back their city of new Orleans while being hunted down by literally every vampire and their mama.  It definatley puts you at the edge of your seat.


This is one of my favorite TV shows to watch while eating, multitasking or doing something semi important. Honestly, the great thing about friends is that you don’t necessarily need to watch every episode of a season, you can start in the middle of a season and it would still make you laugh. Its a classic.