Surveys That Actually Pay Money In Canada 2018

Well, the summer is here and if you’re looking to make some extra spending money, Our SmartRank technology has found the surveys that will actually pay you for your opinions,

The earning the amounts usually range from $2 to $10 per surveys and you can do multiple surveys per day.

The payouts are usually made through Paypal however if you don’t have Paypal, you can create an account or check will be mailed out to your address.

You get a daily email from this from Legerweb, that tells you how much you will earn as well as how long it takes to complete the surveys, does little amounts will add up very quickly




express Yourself and Earn Survey Dollars 
Legerweb offers their panelists the opportunity to earn “Survey Dollars” for completing surveys. Survey Dollars may be redeemed for cash payments, Air Miles, Aeroplan miles, or for donations to charity. Tax receipts are issued upon making charitable donations (Canada only). Members may request a reward when their account reaches a balance of $20.00.

Reward Details 
Rewards come in the form of Survey Dollars that can be redeemed for cash, Air Miles, Aeroplan Miles, or charity donations. To collect Air Miles, you can transfer 20 Survey Dollars directly into your Air Miles account. Note that dollars or Air Miles may take 72 hours to appear in your account after you have completed a survey. Another option is using your “Survey Dollars” to give back to a cause that you are passionate about! Legerweb has partnerships with The Canadian Cancer Society, Sun Youth, and World Wildlife Fund. Donate to any of these charities once you have accumulated 20 Dollars and even receive a tax receipt!

Monthly Draws for Members! 
Each month, Legerweb has prize draws that can be won by panel members. Contest entries are accumulated by participating in surveys during a specified time period. The available monthly prizes are as follows:

  • One $100 prize
  • Two $1,000 prizes
  • 1,000 Air Miles or an IPad

Complete Surveys Anywhere, Anytime 
The Legerweb team has created compatibility tools that allow members to participate in surveys anywhere at any time! Download the Legerweb mobile application through iPhone or Android, so you can be notified directly when surveys become available. The website is also tablet and mobile friendly for added convenience! No need to rush to your computer when a survey has become available.

Survey Details 
Each survey is usually awarded $1.00, but because the surveys are quick and easy (most take about 1-10 minutes), your account balance should build up quickly.

Added Legerweb Bonuses 
Legerweb offers the option to refer friends! Each time a friend joins and completes their first survey you will be awarded $1.00. Also, check out the interactive portion of the Legerweb website where fun and interesting poll questions can be answered in real time. Members can even send in their own questions, which could appear on the website!

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