How To Survive Freshman 101

Surviving Freshman Year 101
Surviving Freshman Year 101

College first-year students face many new experiences and academic demands, but there are several ways to ease campus life.

To help with the transition, My College Guide offers the following tips:

Instead of loading up on challenging classes, it’s a good idea to schedule an easy or unusual class. Doing so will give you a break from the heavy workload in other categories.

Explore the college library. It’s a quiet place to study, and many lend out laptops and other devices — a lifesaver if your computer crashes.

Before handing papers in, get them checked over by an on-campus writing lab. Doing so will reduce errors that can hurt your grade.

Try to avoid fast food, convenience foods, and midnight snacks. When your energy is low, eat some fruit. Carry a refillable water bottle instead of buying sugary drinks.

Don’t do too much partying. There are other ways to take a break from studying. For example, join a club or volunteer group. Just don’t join too many.

Another good way to relax is to explore the campus and find scenic pathways or calm little nooks.

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SOURCE: My College Guide, news release