Sustainable Jobs For a Future-Proof Career!

Sustainable jobs for a future-proof career!
Sustainable jobs for a future-proof career!

Rising global temperatures and sea levels threatened biodiversity, and increased pollution all make for grave uncertainties regarding the planet’s future.

They also have severe implications for industrial development, sector growth and the job market. At Alison, we’re committed to sustainable development and protecting the planet.

With all of our products, from our courses to our Career Guide, we emphasize green industries and sustainable careers to guarantee healthy and happy futures for our Learners and our environment.

Check out these varied careers that help protect the planet and your livelihood from the dangers of climate change.


Wind Turbine Technician

As more and more countries invest in alternative energy sources, working with wind is a sure-fire way to secure your future career. Wind Turbine Technicians need to have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of this new field,

from turbines to grid integration. The wind industry is guaranteed to grow further in the coming years, making it an exciting sector for career advancement and promotion opportunities.



A growing number of green taxes and grants are appearing. It’s up to accountants to keep track of developments and make sure their clients stay both sustainable and profitable.

Our course on the role of accountants in climate change offers an all-encompassing appraisal of the new landscape of green business.

You’ll learn the various ways accountants can leverage their skills to flourish in this new atmosphere while promoting sustainable businesses and ensuring that environmentally friendly ventures succeed.


Solar Energy Systems Engineer

Solar energy engineering is one of the planet’s great hopes for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, so the solar industry is starting to heat up! The sky is the limit for this sector as there are boundless opportunities for expansion.

Particularly in the developing world. Our course on solar technology and its use worldwide is a fantastic course for anyone hoping to help grow solar energy systems worldwide in the coming years.


Urban Planner

Urban Planners have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the future cities are green, sustainable and functional spaces where people and businesses can thrive.

The intersection of the environment and transport is a crucial area that Urban Planners have to get right to reduce pollution and fossil fuel usage while simultaneously ensuring that towns and cities continue functioning.

If you’ve got a brain for complicated problems requiring ingenious solutions, then urban planning is your career.


Organic Farmer

Organic Farmer is a rewarding, stimulating and healthy career; organic farming is a growing industry benefiting from increased state support and consumer confidence.

Learning how to grow organic food sustainably is a rewarding course that will open up amazing opportunities in the organic food industry.

Farming is incredibly diverse, and farmers are crucial stakeholders in moving towards a more sustainable world. As a result, agriculture will see some exciting developments in the next decade; make sure you’re a part of it!