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How Mutual Funds Work

Mutual funds are a popular investments choice for many people because they offer a way to invest in a basket of securities, which reduces...

5 Common Money Mistakes To Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes people make regarding their money is not having a plan. Without a dream, it's challenging to make wise decisions...

How To Save $1000 In 3 Months

Everyone thinks saving money is really hard, well, that’s not true, as long as you have an income coming in biweekly or monthly you...

Tips to Save Money and Control Your Spending Right now

It's no secret that the economy is in a state of flux. For many, this means tightening the belt and cutting back on spending....

Best student bank accounts Canada 2017

At University Magazine, we always look out for students, and we have gone bank to the bank going at each account and determine the...