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Best Universities in Canada 2018

Canada is the most educated country globally because the schools are publicly funded, and each province controls and creates education catered to their own residents. Canadian...

The Best Universities In India 2018

India is the fastest-growing economy in the world and 2nd largest population behind China however according to WorldMeters India should be surpassing China within...

The Most Beautiful Cities In Canada 2018

There are many beautiful places in Canada, but these five cities are some of the most picturesque and romantic in the country. Vancouver is...

10 Cheap Tropical Vacation Destination 2018

To help you find the right island for the right price, University Magazine ranked the best affordable Caribbean vacations based on top recommendations from...

Best Universities In Alberta 2018

high-quality education Alberta is home to the best universities in Canada; Alberta is a destination of choice for students seeking both high-quality education and natural beauty,...

The Most Safest Cities in America

As most of us are graduating from university; or looking to start a family or retiring soon, you want to be living in the...

Universities With the Best Foods 2017

We love all foods because it's essential for life, we all want to eat foods that taste pretty good; as students, we all know that...