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Happiest Countries In The World 2023

The 2023 report features the happiness score averaged over 2014-2016. Norway has been the happiest country globally for that period, even though oil prices have...

World Happiness Report 2022

The World Happiness Report is an annual publication by Worldhappiness. Report using Average Life Evaluation Explained by six Factors The report ranks 146 countries...

Countries With the Highest High School Graduation Rates 2019

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Chile, Croatia, and Slovenia have the highest high school graduation rates in the world....

The Most Health Conscious Countries in the World 2019

Many things contribute to being healthy from lifestyle, Fitness, Eating Habits the lists goes on, the following countries have demonstrated to be The Most...

5 Safest Airline In The World 2018

Here are the safest airlines in the world according to Gazette and the website Airline Ratings assessed 409 major airlines this year before delivering...