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Foods that Make Anxiety Worse

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 50 percent of the population will have or have had a mental illness by the time they...

Best Diets for Healthy Eating 2020

The last thing you want from a diet is a risk to your health. Any diet should provide sufficient calories and not fall seriously...

10 Superfoods To Boost Your Moods

When you’re feeling down, it can be tempting to turn to food to lift your spirits. However, the sugary, high calorie treats that many...

Countries That Eat The Most Meat In The World 2019

In October, a major study claimed that huge reductions in meat consumption are essential to avoid a climate-related catastrophy and reverse a global obesity...

5 Heart-Healthy Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Changing what foods you eat can lower your cholesterol and improve the armada of fats floating through your bloodstream. Adding foods that lower LDL, the...

10 Best Foods That May Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Cancer is a disease characterized by the growth of abnormal cells that harm the body in various ways. There are more than 100 types...

Rethinking Snacks And Comfort Foods

Get healthy alternatives to time-honored snacks, The next time you feel like foraging in the cupboard or fridge, consider that mindless snacking can pack...

How To Eat Healthy On Cheap Budget

Eating healthy foods lowers your risk for heart disease, diabetes, being overweight or obese, and certain types of cancer. Avoiding these conditions saves you...

Gluten Free Whole Grains foods Foods

Gluten is a protein in wheat (all kinds, including spelt, Kamut, Khorasan, einkorn and farro/emmer), barley, rye and triticale (a rye/wheat hybrid) that is...

5 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Some foods taste so good while we're eating them, but can leave us feeling blah, bloated and feeling guilty just moments after we've brushed...

Easy way How To Control Holiday Eating

For many Americans, Thanksgiving kicks off a season of high-calorie eating. The trick this time of year is to enjoy the goodies without packing...

How to Spot an Eating Disorder signs

Eating disorders are common in the United States and Canada. But they're hard to identify and tough to fix. "Eating disorders are serious conditions that...

How to Eat Healthy in College

According to an extensive survey conducted by the federal government on college weight gain, college freshmen gain an average of nearly eight pounds during...

Healthy Diet as Teen, Less Weight Gain as Adult

Teens who eat right may gain less weight, later on, researchers report. Encouraging more young people to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables as...
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The Best Superfoods For Winter 2021

Superfood’ is the name given to a portion of food with strong nutritional qualities that you can only benefit from if you eat the...
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