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Where Most Students Choose STEM Degrees

Most college majors are relatively simple to choose from. Do you want to go into business? Get a Business degree. Do you want to...

How Much Do Countries Spend on Education?

When it comes to education, there are not only big differences in attainment levels across the world but also the number of a country's...

Businesses You Can Start Right Now At Home In Canada 2020

With some personal circumstances, it is possible to make the idea of working at home a priority and an absolute necessity. Still, many believe...

The Best High Schools In Calgary 2020

Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers and home to the University Of Calgary. The best High Schools In Calgary 2020 are based on...

Obstacles Faced By Australia’s Higher Education Sectors

The higher education sector is a key contributor to the Australian economy, generating over $25 billion in revenue. It directly employs 120,000 staff and...

Pros and Cons of Online Masters Degrees

With the evolution of technology and the wider availability of video conferencing, email and webinars, many people now perceive education to be only a...

How To Become An Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teachers train young students in a range of subjects using creative lessons and activities. Learn how to become an elementary school teacher,...

The Best Education Jobs 2020

2020/21 school year start Many of us can think back to a teacher who inspired us to work harder, set goals and reach for...

The Richest Self Made Women Around The World

Creativity, determination and a little bit of luck are just some of the ways these impressive and super successful ladies made it onto our...

The Luckiest Plays In Sports History

They say it’s better to be lucky than good, and this list pretty much confirms that. These are the luckiest plays in professional sports,...

The Best Engineering Jobs 2020

Civil engineering helps keep our infrastructure running smoothly as these engineers fix and upgrade older roads, tunnels and bridges, as well as plan new...

The Real Reason Kendall Jenner Will Never Go to College

Kendall Jenner loves her life in the spotlight, and she’s not shy about sharing on social media, so we already know a lot about...

The Best Countries For Education 2020

Today's youth will in the coming years be governing the world. Their thoughts and actions will be shaped by what they know and have...

How To Become An Optician In America

Opticians support your eye health and work with the public and other ocular health professionals to give patients the best possible vision. They evaluate lifestyle...

The Easiest Degree To Obtain From University

There’s no set way to universally determine how easy a bachelor’s degree is, as every major and every school has its own level of...

Digital Books vs Physical Books For Students

Digital Books vs Physical Books For Students For college students, deciding on what textbooks to buy can be a tough decision. The emergence of...

10 Weird Jobs That Can Pay Surprisingly Well

There are many more occupations that are held by roughly in the U.S. than the typical jobs that first come to our minds. If...

What’s the Value of An Honorary Degree?

For over three hundred years, U.S. colleges and universities have bestowed honorary degrees on people for their lasting impact on society - politicians, musicians,...

The Cost of High School In Canada

Are you coming to Canada with your teenager or thinking about sending them to Canada for a high school exchange program? Both offer opportunities...

Those Are Ten Most Valuable Degrees In Canada In 2019

In the fall of 2018, there were 1.7 million students in Canada heading back to school. In a volatile economy and an era of...





The Best Hospitals In United Kingdom 2020

Newsweek and Statista identified the World’s Best Hospitals 2020! now in its second year, the World’s Best Hospitals ranking identifies and honours the very...