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The Most Expensive Pizzas in the World

Pizza is a dish that most people love. It is filling, satisfying, and relatively inexpensive to make. But have you ever wondered how Pizza...

The Most Expensive Things in the World

Where would you start if you had all the money in the world? A crystal piano to play on your 27-story skyscraper's rooftop? Or...

Most Expensive Cities For Working Abroad 2021

According to an annual assessment by Wealth Manager Mercer, the most expensive city to live and work in outside of the United States in...

The Most Expensive Cities To Live In Canada 2020

As many as 27 Percent of Canadians live on paycheque; that's about 10 million people, according to BDO Canada. As many Canadians live in the...

Most Expensive Degree In The World 2019

Education is one of the most fundamental rights every person has. However, there are colleges and schools, which literally mock this by having a...

10 Expensive European Cities

Naturally, the primary travel pointers like avoiding high season, Europe is known for its expensive cities, with London and Paris topping the list. But...

10 Things You Definitely Should Not Buy

It’s a new year, and you’re probably dying to buy some of the hot new products on the market. However, the way the next...

The Most Expensive Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, most of us make a decision based on several factors: quality and style of the food, the location, and...

The Most Expensive Passports In The World 2018

Passports are the most important document to have because it gives you access to multiple countries, without a visa, and certain countries require a...

10 Most Powerful Passports 2018

Finally, the summer month is here. It’s Travel time for most of us because of vacation, Weddings, Internships, and work-related travel. Ethiopian Gazette shared...

The 20 Most Expensive Colleges In America

Many Americans are willing to pay large amounts or go deep into debt for a college education. Statistics show that college-educated adults earn a...