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Ways to Stay Connected with Family at College

The US college is a public institution that issues an associate's degree or certificate after two years of study. Some programs are designed to...

The Richest Royal Family In The World

The Richest Royal Family in the World, by definition, is the richest and most powerful family in the world. Of course, in the beginning,...

Cities With The Most Air Pollution In Canada 2019

Air pollution is on the rise and could be taking a toll on your health. Here, we count down the Canadian cities with the...

The Most Popular Girl Names 2019

What will be the most popular baby names for 2019? While no one can stop the reign of Emma and Noah, new surveys show...

How to Get a College Application Fee Waiver

usually, college application fees are between $50 to $85 range, with some costing as much as $105 (ahem, University of California Irvine). When it...

The Richest Family In The World 2018

There are numerous ways to become wealthy, but the most straightforward is to be born into a wealthy family. So who are the folks...

10 things you should make your kids pay for

Kids these days are independent and can usually get by without help from their parents. That being said, there are some things that kids...

The Most Popular Baby Girls Names 2018

Parents to be around the world are excited to welcome newborns to this world, and they want to name their little ones with awesome...

Christmas in Hungary

Growing up with foreign parents, things have always been a little different. My parents immigrated from Hungary to Canada more than 20 years ago....

How to Decide Where to Spend the Holidays

The holiday season is already stressful enough. Buying presents, pre-Christmas baking, and attending work Christmas parties can make your head spin, so the last...

The Most Popular Girl Baby Names 2017

Families worldwide expect and want to name their newborns with unique and sweet names. According to UNICEF, an average of 353,000 babies are born...