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The Best Cities In Ontario 2021

Ontario has the largest population in Canada 38 % of the people live there that is nearly 14.7 million, according to The Government of...

The Cheapest Cities to Live in Canada

What are the Cheapest Cities to Live in Canada? Using Salary Expert cost-of-living statistics, we examined the cost of living in all Canadian cities...

Are you practicing social and physical distancing properly?

Practicing social/physical distancing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate the spread of illness during an outbreak. However, despite...

Best Universities In Ontario 2019

Studying in Ontario, Canada. Home to 40% of the country’s population and more international students than any other province, Ontario is the most populous...

Teacher Positions Are In Demand In Ontario

In 2015, the Ontario government cut enrolment at teachers' colleges by more than half, with the number of graduates dropping from 12,399 in 2015...

Five Creepy Places to Visit in Canada this Halloween

You may have heard the story about siblings in Ottawa who won an Airbnb contest to sleep in Dracula's castle on Halloween night last...

College or University – Which One Pays Off?

When deciding whether to attend college or university, it is essential to weigh all the pros and cons of each option. In terms of...