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College Student Date Ideas

When it comes to date ideas, college students are usually at a loss. Unfortunately, there isn’t much time for anything else between classes, studying,...

How To Get Over Break Up In College

How to get over a breakup in college is not an easy task. The breakup circumstances can play a major factor in how you...

The Most Expensive Divorces In History

In 2006, when Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev divorced his wife of eight years, Elena, the proceedings were anything but standard. The couple had a...

7 Signs of a Bad Roommate Relationship

If you're looking for signs that your roommate relationship is in trouble, here are a few to watch for. First, if one of you...

Can long-distance relationships work?

Long-distance relationships can be hard, but sometimes they’re unavoidable. Especially if you and your significant other had to part ways after high school and attend...