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10 Snack Subscription Boxes Try it Free

As a college student, I enjoy receiving free items from corporations since they know that if the student wants their products and services, they...

6 Things You Need To Know Before Using Mushroom Chocolate

Decadent chocolate delicacies infused with psychedelic mushrooms may seem like an enticing culinary escape from reality, but they require significant thought and preparation to...

Rethinking Snacks And Comfort Foods

Get healthy alternatives to time-honoured snacks; the next time you feel like foraging in the cupboard or fridge, consider that mindless snacking can pack on...

5 Unhealthy Trail Mixes You Should Never Buy

Trail mixes are the favourite snack amongst everyone because they've considered the healthiest foods. After all, it has nuts and fruits technically fall under the...

5 Healthy Snack Ideas for a Busy Student Life

College students often don't have time for a good meal between classes, work, and socializing. This can lead to snacking on unhealthy foods high...