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International Student What Credits Can I Claim On My Taxes

An international student is a student who comes to study in a country other than their own. There are many reasons why someone might...

2021 TFSA Contribution Limit

CRA has announced the TFSA contribution limit for 2021. TFSA is a Tax-Free Savings Account set up in 2009 by the Government Of Canada...

The Most Outrageous Tax Claims Canadians Have Made

We’ve all heard the saying: death and taxes are the only things certain in life. While we may not have much control over the...

National Average Salary Canada and Provinces

Statistics Canada the average salary in Canada varies depending on the province you live in. For instance, the average salary in Alberta is $43,000,...

How Mutual Funds Work

Mutual funds are a popular investments choice for many people because they offer a way to invest in a basket of securities, which reduces...

Now Canadian Students Can fill their Taxes Online For Free

Did you know you can file your taxes for free, and the best part is that you can do it from the living room...